5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Psychic Reading on the Phone

A psychic reading on the phone can provide a powerful and unique experience to unlock your intuition, gain insight from above, and create a bridge between your inner self and the divine. With these five tips to maximize your phone reading sessions, you can tap into any spiritual guidance or connection you may need—no matter the distance.

Create a Comfortable Environment.

Before jumping on the line with your psychic reader Chris Dufresne, create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Find a quiet space away from distraction—this can help focus your mind, reduce stress levels, and create an environment that is open to channeling divine energy. Light a candle or incense, sip on some herbal tea, or get yourself in loose, comfortable clothing—whatever helps you to relax!

Once you feel comfortable and relaxed, it’s time to dial in or be ready for scheduled reading time. Before the conversation begins, have a few questions ready that you want to ask. During your psychic reading, feel free to provide background information about yourself—this is usually necessary for more accurate forecasting. Make sure that you actively participate to ensure the best possible outcome of your session. Most psychics use their intuition to offer extra insight throughout the reading. Remain open-minded and receptive so you can understand each piece of advice coming from your reader.

Come Prepared with Questions, But Stay Open and Flexible.

It’s important to come to a psychic reading prepared with a few questions in mind that you want answers to. However, also be sure to leave room for the conversation to flow as it may—you never know what little whispers the Universe may send through in response! When you open up and allow yourself to stay flexible, the true power of your session can begin to evolve naturally.

Focus on the Reading, Not Just the Answers You Want to Hear.

During your reading, try to focus on the overall experience and message rather than just seeking answers to direct questions. It’s easy to expect a specific response, but it’s important to keep an open mind. You might ask yourself “What is the universe trying to tell me in this moment that I need to really hear?” Being proactive will help you receive messages clearly and accurately every time.

Your psychic reading experience should be positive and enlightening. With this focus in mind, you can learn more about yourself in the process. Ask more leading questions during your reading. Embrace the ongoing conversation and don’t be afraid to think outside of the box if necessary. By focusing on the whole picture, you’re allowing for details to be uncovered that would have likely gone unnoticed otherwise. Being open-minded during a psychic reading allows you to receive an abundance of valuable glimpses into your life from a different perspective.

Look Out for Signs Connected to Your Psychic Reader’s Advice.

While your psychic reader will share many insightful messages, it’s important to look for signs in the days and weeks following the reading. Perhaps you met someone new that shares the same qualities as the person in one of your visions, or maybe you visited an unexpected place that feels oddly familiar. Pay attention to these signposts — they won’t be obvious at first, but they could lead to lasting changes in your life.

Follow Up After the Psychic Reading on the Phone and Put Advice into Action.

It’s important to take action after the reading, even if it takes a little bit of time before you see the true outcomes. Revisit your session notes and start to look for ways you can put into practice some of the advice or messages you received. Some ideas could be creating new rituals and habits in your life, journaling what comes up for you after the session, or attempting to manifest a desire that came up during your reading.

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With these 5 tips, you're ready to book a Psychic Reading on the phone.