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Animal Totems Pt. 2

Hello everyone, I am so excited to share with all of you five more animal totems! Animal totems are symbolic representations of our animal guides. Sometimes in our life our animal totem changes due to large life events. Learning about animal totems can help one understand themselves and help connect to their spiritual energy.

The Cat totem bearers are extremely curious individuals by nature. They have a strong desire for freedom and are often hit with the want to travel. People with this totem do exceptionally well as flight attendants, writers, and photographers.

Lion Totem bearers are full of strength. The Lion typically dominates in their relationships, both personal and professional. They are full of confidence and assertiveness. Lions do exceptionally well in business and in law careers.

The Bear animal totem is known for their strength of mind! The Bear exudes confidence and physical strength while also being wonderful support for those surrounding them. People with this animal totem are wonderful social workers, non-profit leaders, and in most forms of management.

The Fox totem urges their bearers to act swiftly and to trust in their intuition. These totem bearers are highly flexible individuals who are extremely resourceful. These totem bears so well in medical fields as well as military careers.

The Owl totem has a deep connection with wisdom and has a a strong sense of judgement. These animal totem bearers are highly perceptive as they are keen to observe. Owl totems often see past the masks that people wear and see their true self. These totem bearers do well in positions in law, politics, and teaching.

This month of June, there will be more information about different types of Animal Totems and their symbolic meaning. Keep a look out on both our new website as well as Chris Dufresne’s YouTube for more exciting content!


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15 replies on “Animal Totems Pt. 2”

I have always been sure my totem would be feline, obsessed w/all cats. My personal self identifies w/owl. I can live with that

I love this! How many animals totems are there? Can you describe pandas, zebras and giraffes?

Other great topics are past lives, how to channel those or life themes, which is something difficult to grasp. These blogs remind me of inner circle with Sylvia!


Lion and Owl totems really do resonate with me . I was told they were mine . I’m very political and like to be in control. Looking forward to more info from you about them. I Loved your Mom Sylvia.

Thank you for the kind words and support. I will have another blog coming out next week about animal totems!

Yes!!!Very True LOL I have the Owl.I always thought it would be a red fox or horse because I always loved them.But I’m happy with the Owl.

I was surprised about Giraffe and it’s my totem! Nice after reading about them all thought they are a beautiful animal 😍
Why are birds allways around me and Cats? Have a nice day 💜🙏💜

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