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Animal Totems Pt. 3

Hello Everyone! Thank you for voting in our community polls on YouTube! I have enjoyed bringing all of you information on these beautiful animal totems and helping educate our family here. Animal Totems are a means to understand your personal or spiritual identity.

The Tiger animal totem is the master of its own domain embodying self confidence and  generosity, with a tendency to have uncertainty in feelings or actions. These individuals are incredibly persistent in accomplishing their goals. These individuals make for wonderful athletes, business associates, and doctors. 


The Horse symbolizes freedom with their wild spirits. They are symbols of travel, movement, and desire. These individuals are often jet-setters in their work as well as their free time. They do well in consulting positions, as flight attendants, in merchandising and as travel agents. 

The Eagle symbolizes the importance of honesty and they are constant truth seekers. The Eagle encourages you to step out of your comfort zones and to reach for goals you might deem unattainable at the start. These individuals do wonderful as teachers, politicians, and in emergency medical response positions. 

The Turtle animal totem represents a peaceful path to take in the present life. They seek personal growth and are individuals who have a tendency to live long lives full of good health. These individuals do well working in nonprofit organizations, nursing, social work, and extended learning programs. 

The Deer animal totems are a symbol of peace, as they are gentle but not completely defenseless with acts of bravery when called for. These individuals have a strong gut instinct and are great judges of character. They do great in the medical field, social work, and emergency medical response.

While we have only covered a small amount of animal totems, I hope that there is a better understanding of our totems and the role they play in our day-to-day lives. The more one understands their totem, the better they can understand their spiritual walk in life.

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8 replies on “Animal Totems Pt. 3”

Hi Chris just read your blog on my animal totem- turtle. Amazing, I am so in awe of all the animal totems and their characteristics.
Thank you Chris for the enlightenment and all you do.

Thank you 🙏🏼 This is way cool! 😎 cool cat! 🐈 Waiting on my animal totem cheetah ☯️🐾🐾

Hi Chris, I just recently found out we have the same animal totem. But you told me two years ago in a phone reading that mine was a gorilla. I’m glad that I have such a strong Totem watching over me. And that we have that in comin. And if you remember anything about my reading my husband and I are a lot better together. “Thank You So Much Chris, I appreciate You” Linda M

I have always had a polar bear I named Polar. When i meditate he sometimes brings me a colorful gift wrapped in a big box!

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