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Experience Life Again

Take a Gratitude Nature Walk

Start to Experience life again. The next time you go for a walk, bring a small journal with you and document all of the things on your walk you are grateful for. Make sure to date it so you can read it back whenever you are having a more challenging day. You’d be surprised at how many beautiful things t here are to be grateful for on each walk.

4 Ways to Practice Self-Care

Cozy Night in

Take at least one night per week to shut off your technology early. Disconnect and read a book or just listen to music and meditate. It’ll help rejuvenate you for the week ahead.

Take a break

Don’t overwork yourself. Once you are feeling burnt out you will need to take a day or two of self-care recovery to reset your emotional and mental health. Try and take 15-30 minute breaks a few times a day to rest your mind and body.


“Channel your energy to focus on the tiny victories in life and you’ll soon see how much good there is in your world.” -Cayla Evans

Organize and clean up

Having a disorganized or dirty home and workspace can actually create long-term anxiety. Taking 30-60 minutes daily to tidy up your home or workspace can actually aide to a more peaceful mindset.

Write a gratitude list

Writing a list of what you are grateful for daily or even weekly can help you start to see life more positively. Focusing on the good and the tiny victories each week will bring back a more optimistic and hopeful outlook on life. Experience life again by practicing daily self-care. 

“Your wellbeing is the most important thing, cherish it daily.” -Cayla Evans

Learn more about how to start taking back your life today by watching our latest YouTube video on self-care.


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10 replies on “Experience Life Again”

Wow! I needed to read this after having a rough week. Helps me focus on what’s important right now and that’s taking care of myself. I keep beating myself up for not having as much energy as I wish I had.

This is really well written. Thank you for always sharing such positive pieces of writing. They are incredibly encouraging especially after this year. Thank you Chris and Cayla!

I need to have more early nights. My mind is not relaxed by uncomfortable circumstances. I hope to have a relaxing mind when I move. God willing, soon! Exhausting.. Thanks Chris 🤗

Thanks for the positive tools I can use them. I just had my 53 birthday and find I don’t value my self enough.

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