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Hello Spring, welcome fresh starts and self growth

Spring is a time of new life, fresh starts and self growth. With the flower buds beginning to blossom and the baby birds beginning to add music to our day. Psychic Chris Dufresne says, “Spring is time to focus on the beauty of the world.”

Everyday we wake up we are given the profound opportunity to make the most out of our day. To choose to see the good in every single day. While loss and sadness are natural feelings in life, it is important to not let the pain be what you fixate on. Going through the motions is what helps make us grow to be strong like the great redwood trees that have been here for over 2,000 years.

Every morning I encourage you to go through a physical or mental checklist of the things you are grateful for. What are the good things happening in your life? What goals are you working towards? What are you looking forward to? Go through each of these and start your day on a positive note. You deserve this.

We can all get caught up in a funk from time to time. It happens. You aren’t lost. Changing our mindset happens by slowly changing our perspective, actions and words. By speaking to yourself as a friend or loved one, you open up a world of healing and the ability to have your own rebirth through self love.

Chris Dufresne Psychic - Hello Spring!

During this time of the year I highly encourage everyone to get up and get outside. The sun is incredibly healing. Whether you spend your time tending to your garden, reading a good book, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee on your back porch, it’ll help heal you. Let the sunshine back into your life and feel it warm you from within.

Our beloved Psychic Sylvia Browne brought us the gift of her book Past Lives, Future healing with an insightful look at how much of one’s present life is informed by one’s past lives, and how many health and relationship problems have their roots in unresolved past lives.

Reading this book will give you a better understanding of yourself. We could all use a bit of help from time to time with getting guidance on the best path to take. As a Psychic, Chris Dufresne loves nothing more than helping you discover the best ways to activate your life and receive answers to the questions you’ve been replaying in your head with his psychic readings and his all new 15 minute mini reading

Let yourself heal. You deserve it.


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