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How intentions and communication play strong roles in helping shape your life

Sylvia Browne - Creating your own reality

Video series 2 of 9

Join us in watching this recently released video clip of Chris Dufresne’s mother, Sylvia Browne. This video is 2 of 9 that will be release over the next several weeks. Originally recorded in 1992, Sylvia Browne speaks live in Campbell California about creating your own reality and happiness.

Psychic Sylvia Browne goes in detail on how best to create one’s reality- Part 2 of the video series. How intentions and communication play strong roles in helping shape your life. To pray with intention as many times unclear or miscommunicated needs are met by their direct meaning. 

Enjoy the video!

Sylvia Browne

Below are words spoken by Sylvia Browne in the video above. This video can also be found on the Chris Dufrense YouTube channel.

Well if you do you’re in really bad straights when you open that door to that closet and then you eat all day and then you go play shuffleboard and i didn’t like i’d like i would have liked it if i could have gone up on the deck and slept out in the stars but they wouldn’t let you they don’t let you i don’t know what they think you’re gonna do you’re going to hold up the steward for more food what the craziest thing i’ve ever heard said i’d like to sit here.

Sylvia Browne Psychic

Sylvia Browne sitting in chair smiling at camera.

No no the final bell rang i have to go back to your room like you’re in dormitory or something get back in your room we don’t want you falling overboard be bad press for Norwegian line or whatever the hell it was carnival or whatever the hell i didn’t even remember but it still was fun because i look back now and i can tell stories about it because it was such an icky thing that i can laugh about i and how about this only place in the world you can go to the john and take a shower at the same time you can this big isn’t it is it tiny look tell her how tiny it is you are have you had this little stall about this big and it laps over into the toilet doesn’t it now my other son not the one that was here today.

My other son who’s bigger the younger one the psychic one was with me with his wife and she’s five eight and they were stuck in a room let’s try to be nice comes over to me and says i thought here it comes you know that kid’s voice you mother um open the door i said what he said is this a room for both of us or one of us i said no he said no this is a room for both of you now he’s so clever he says to me but you know gene is pregnant as if this is going to affect the the width of the room i don’t know so well all three of you will be very happy in there and i showed the door and said to myself let go let go but what can’t you make of life that is not happy everything even tragedy haven’t you ever had things get so bad that you just laugh that you just get hysterical whether you say what don’t say what else i’ve said that there’s something that happens in the atmosphere you say what else can happen no i’m not superstitious but don’t say that every time i’ve said what else can happen boom but it’s funny all these wondrous experiences go to making you a totally rounded personality all the flavoring you know it’s like a stew you need a little bit of this and you need a little bit of that otherwise you just have meat and potatoes that’s blah but a little garlic a little parsley a little saffron here all makes for the stew and so when you think of the miserable times in your life and it’s always isn’t always a lot of the times that you just wait and wait you can’t wait to have this wonderful time and then the times that you do extemporaneously are wondrous and the other things you plan just not that that is but it seems funny that way but you say regardless what it is i’m going to be happy now i’m going to be healthy i’m going to have enough money to say oh Sylvia well sure you can say that but how do we know when we leave here that it’ll happen because it will because i am a walking example of a phoenix rising out of the ashes if i can’t if one person can run the mile and beat it in so many seconds or minutes the next person can run behind and beat it all we need is one person and you know who i saw do it before me

my grandmother and i saw her life wiped away in a flood of sorrow and you know what she said to me is she sat in front of that dirty window she said at least brother my uncle has a place to look out of and she used to say to me within your strength within your weakness there lies your strength sleeping it’s only experience and so sometimes when the hill is hard you say that’s okay i’ll build my muscles up better but invariably when i say that people will come up and say yes but Sylvia you don’t know my life i’ve had leprosy and i’ve had you know and whatever it’s can we top you there’s many lives worse many lives more horrifying but it’s how we view them that makes us either the reality of our happiness or not our happiness but if i people have come to me even my ministers came to me and said but if i embrace this belief my family doesn’t like me anymore and i’ve said do they like you to begin with because there’s a strange thing that happens in this life when you begin to expand yourself spiritually or take another one for instance when you change partners in this life and the people that have known you with

one partner know that another partner is coming in the scene what do they do they don’t like it do they because some strange way you may change you may be different you may grow and if you grow i may not know you and i’m jealous of that and i’m scared of that and so i don’t want you to do that and you have to you have to grow you have to grow wriggly you have to grow straight you have to grow bad you have to grow any way you need to bend because when you finally get convicted in your heart with the sincerity of your conviction people will listen but if people with a relationship feel one of doubt in you guess what they find they grab it and they start picking at your doubt they do people say they’re not psychic they are so now we’ve got what we want for our money we’ve got what we want for our health we want to be healthy we want to get rid of the pain in our neck.

Whoever that may be we want to get rid of whatever is causing our stomach problem we’re going to get rid of it we’re not going to throw up any more because we can get rid of it without regurgitating you notice when you take too much in you can faint you can throw up you can get this stereo don’t you see why the body is trying to do is release that from your body and we don’t take that into consideration the body’s trying to throw it up eliminate it cathartically releasing it and you can release it you can say i don’t need to have this in my life and today i want you to write down exactly what you need for your happiness like she said letting go don’t write peace of mind say comfort in myself belief in myself and that i can create that it’s not out of your control see what we’ve always thought it was out of our control oh wait a minute everybody else has my life i don’t have my life yes you do today this day you’re on this earth and your life is given back to you the sum total of it you’re not going to give it away to your mother your father your sister your brother and we give it away to them even if they’re dead we’re still giving and they’re screaming on the other side live your own life i had a priest come in to see me once and he said you know i never would have become a priest if it hadn’t been my for my family i said what did you want to do he went what i said what did you want to do he said i want to be a doctor i said but she became a priest he said yeah because everybody expected me to be think today during your lunch hour how many things did you become because someone else wanted you to become and what did you want to become and is it too late.

It’s never too late

Like his mom Sylvia Browne, Chris uses his gift to help answer questions you may have.

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