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Past, Present and Future

Do Past Lives Play a Role in Our Current Spiritual Journey?

Our spirit’s minds remember the lives of our past, and it can affect us on a cellular level. Meeting, understanding, and eventually releasing the trauma and pain of our past lives can free us from the issues that plague our current existence. Understanding what our souls have gone through previously can give us insights into why we currently are the way we are. From our love lives to the growth we want in our spiritual journeys, these life themes have been around longer than our current state of beings. By accessing these cell memories, we can heal ourselves of pain, trauma, illness, and our deepest fears, while re-creating the strongest and best emotional and physical health our spirits have ever had. It is important to understand your Past, Present and Future. Book a psychic reading to learn more about your own personal journey. 

Attraction and the Spiritual Journey

It’s important, to begin with understanding what it means to be on a spiritual journey. There is no final destination in your spiritual journey, but rather a continual asking of questions that aid in the development and health of our souls and consciousness. When we don’t take the time to ask the questions, we often repeat the mistakes of our past lives and live in the pain we’ve yet to heal.

Having a “type” of person you’re attracted to, is often a sign that you’ve yet to revisit your past lives. You may be trying to get a different result in love than the one you had in your last life, but this rarely works out and we are stuck living out the same relationship and feeling the same pain over and over again. Enacting cyclical behaviors that don’t serve your soul’s purpose is another indication that you may need to heal your cell’s memories from lives of the past. This can lead us to feel guilt and shame. These are strong negative human emotions that can hold us back from living fully and being able to grow.

Will I find Peace?

Some think that finding peace in this life and with the world around us is only indicative of your current circumstances, but our cells react and remember the memories from our past life. Whether your conscious mind knows it or not, these memories affect the way we interact with the ones we love, and thusly our spiritual journey. Imprints of these lives can make you fearful of love, and depending on the imprints your soul has carried from one past life to the next can make trusting difficult. Through visiting your past lives, and daily prayer and meditation, you can heal yourself from the negativity your cells have learned and be free to be the best version of yourself.

If you believe, as so many do, that time is not rigid but rather the past, present, and future all exist within every moment, then it’s time to heal your past life’s themes. The way you live your current state of being can positively change your soul’s identity. Taking the journey into your spirit’s memories with the help of a psychic can aid in the discovery of where this voyage leads to. Discovering Your Past Lives


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One reply on “Past, Present and Future”

I feel I’m part of the never ending story! … (Bible) Like I’m supposed to say my name out loud .. I feel I’m being awakened to my higher spirit. ( Needing help with hypnosis) 🙏🙏🙏

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