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Remembering Sylvia

It’s been nearly eight years since we celebrated an earth bound birthday for my beloved mother, Psychic Sylvia Browne. As with every year, we celebrate our beautiful teacher, spiritual healer and activist by remembering, honoring and sharing her life’s work. Happy heavenly birthday Sylvia, October 19th.

Many who knew Sylvia, knew how much joy she felt enriching and educating others. Starting her journey off as a mother and an English teacher, Sylvia knew early on that educating the world was something she was deeply passionate about. Her legacy certainly continues to reach new generations through her  50+ books, countless recorded teachings and her founded church, Society Of Novus Spiritus. Sylvia even created her own spiritual jewelry collection each design has a symbolic meaning and often referenced in her books.

Sylvia Browne Psychic

 Adventures Of A Psychic

Throughout her many years as a spiritual teacher and healer, Psychic Sylvia Browne traveled all around the world. One of her most favorite countries in the world was Kenya, Africa where she made numerous trips throughout her lifetime. Sylvia shared her psychic gift as well as her spiritual gnostic philosophy and was warmly welcomed by the Kenyatta family, countless Kenyan dignitaries and the people of Kenya. Sylvia was given the name Mumbione which in Swahili translates to First Woman Of The Earth. It’s interesting to note that from the first time she set foot in Kenya, she was able to speak Swahili fluently which she attributed to her many past lives there.

It was a true passion of hers to give unconditional love and compassion to all who sought her help.

Additionally, In 1986, Sylvia embarked upon the most important chapter of her life. She founded a nonprofit spiritual organization, The Society of Novus Spiritus (meaning, the new spirit) based on the Christian Gnostic theology. The decision was a natural extension of her love for God and all humanity. The organization continues to bring spiritual awareness through local and online services. Members enjoy the weekly Sunday Facebook Live show and YouTube show hosted by minister, Tom Bigley.


 If Sylvia Were Here Today

We often think, what would Sylvia say about our current and challenging world today? We believe the answers are there, written in her books. For instance, “If you could see what I see”.

We live in a time of exciting spiritual awareness and freedom of thought, so don’t waste it in a box of dogma. As the poem goes: “God’s in his heaven and with you, All’s right with the world”… If it isn’t, make it all right in your world and the world around you.  As we travel on this road, we can realize that long-forgotten yet inherent goal of viewing our life on earth as our path to God. 

God love you, I do, 





Psychic Sylvia Browne


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7 replies on “Psychic Sylvia Browne”

Sylvia helped my mother during a dark time in the 1970s. My mom has five kids and needed to divorce my dad. She walked in to the office that was near the Walgreens in Campbell and Winchester, and said to my mom “hey somebody here wants a divorce!” She knew my mom had a bunch of kids. And in the ’70s you could look stuff up like that. She also described the color of the wall my mom would have in a house in the 1990s. My mom realized later that mustard yellow was described to a tee by Sylvia.

My mom admitted later she went into the center and took some I think meditation classes or something.

I’m so glad that Sylvia helped my mother. I was just a kid.

I found this out just recently about a year ago my mom’s 86 now.

Sylvia was just about the only psychic that answer my question through her books and also with Montes Williams. I started my spiritual journey when I was about 19 yrs old (1973) and most people thought I was a witch and pretty weird. Sylvia helped me with my fears and got me though a lot of of dark times until I finally found my true tribe of friends that were like me. Thank you so much and Happy Birthday Sylvia !!!!

Sylvia’s books and guidance took me through the most dark time of my life- the loss of my beloved husband. I learned so much about life, afterlife and handling my grief. She ( by her words) was my constant healer.
Thank you , Sylvia!
Happy Heavenly Birthday! You are greatly missed.

Thank you Sharon for sharing your message, so glad her books helped give comfort and healing! Love and Light

such a wonderful person….her teachings made my world so much better..i could never get enough of her books and seeing and traveling with her was such a blessing. i would have never thought that i would be on the river in new orleans on a river cruise or in Alaska or the Mexican Riviera or on the Montel willliams show or at the javits center in nyc but there i was doing it all,,,a dream come true…forever thankful sylvia…Happy Birthday

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Sylvia Browne Psychic

Psychic Sylvia Browne

Remembering Sylvia It’s been nearly eight years since we celebrated an earth bound birthday for my beloved mother, Psychic Sylvia Browne. As with every year,

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