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Taking Back Your Life

Taking Back Your Life

“A healthy life begins from the choices you make the moment you wake up.” -Cayla Evans

How to start your day

Choosing not to lay in bed for half an hour in the morning and choosing to get up and start your day can boost your daily energy levels. It can be difficult to convince yourself to stop hitting snooze or setting your phone down from social media. Trust me, it makes a big difference in how the rest of your day goes.

Why excuses are your enemy

While telling yourself you can put off exercise or a healthy lifestyle change to next week, you are subconsciously telling yourself that your mental and physical health are after thoughts. It is important to take care of yourself. This can create long-term anxiety around healthy lifestyle changes. 

How to start choosing yourself
I used to be someone who would put my friends, family and work above myself. While this makes for a dependable and kind natured person, it also meant that I wasn’t always making the best choices for myself. Which meant my life and health wasn’t where it should be. The phrase, “is the choice or action I am about to make the best decision for me,” became something I would ask myself throughout the day. Whether it was a decision over pizza verses a salad, staying in or going our with a friend, or anything else, I made sure take take a mental health check 

It is incredibly important for you to decide if all the choices you are making throughout the day are actually benefitting your future. Or are the choices you are making benefitting someone else?
I don’t want people to think I’m being selfish

You aren’t! Saying no to going out to dinner with a friend or even a family gathering that causes you stress isn’t selfish. Anything that creates long-term anxiety is not worth it. The people in your life should understand that. 

It is you taking care of your mental and emotional health. It is okay to cancel plans or even say no up front to events. It is also okay to tell your work no to tasks that fall outside of your typical scope. It is important for you to be your biggest advocate.


Many times we are taught as children to keep our heads down. To do things that create the least ripple in the lake. While always being a “yes girl” will make everyone else, yourself drained at the end of the day. It is important for you to allocate the majority of your energy daily into proactive healthy choices for you. You don’t have to neglect your loved ones, but to start making yourself a priority.

Why I Chose Zumba

As someone who was used to working out inside of a gym before the nightmare of Covid-19 hit, I never saw myself being the type of person who got their exercise in by YouTube Zumba Classes.

For some reason I held in the internalized fear of looking silly trying something new instead of just living. Who was going to judge me? Me? I gave it a try and have been doing it now for the past three weeks every single day.

While I still crack myself up at some of the dance moves or exercise moves that I am doing, it has become part of my daily self-care. Who would have thought you could get such a good at-home cardio workout in front of your tv without any machines?

While for me it wasn’t about the weight on the scale or the measurements around my waist, I can tell you I have lost and kept off twelve pounds by doing a forty minute Zumba class everyday. If you are looking for an exercise that just about anyone can do no matter your activity level, Zumba is a great choice!

I personally use EMMA Fitness and Zumba Class on YouTube.

Why meal prep?

Our week seldom goes as planned. Meal prepping gave me back a lot of freedom. I choose to meal prep my lunch every single week. I chose Sunday night for my designated self-care time. It doesn’t have to be Sunday’s for you. Do what works best with your schedule!


For me I didn’t realize the additional stress of deciding what to make for lunch everyday was causing. While not everyday was giving me additional anxiety or dread, I realized I thinking about what I was going to make myself daily became a chore.


Every Sunday I try to meal prep two different lunches to alternate between throughout my week. So, instead of trying to make a decision or taking half of my lunch preparing a meal, I can now just reheat an already prepared dish.


Meal prepping is giving yourself the gift or relaxation throughout the week. It is also amazing to help with portion control! I personally got my meal prep containers at my local TJ Maxx, but you can get yours at any store that sells small containers. For me, I have found that my favorite containers are the ones that have up to 3 separate compartments inside of it. Almost in the style of a Bento box.


For me, I am someone who thoroughly enjoys going out with my friends and family a once or twice a week. I like to try new food and mix things up. I do too have limits about how often I am saying yes to going out. It is never because I don’t want to see that person. Sometimes your day can burn you our more than you had planned. Don’t over schedule yourself because even sleep has it’s limits for healing.

“Don’t Cut Out Everything All At Once. Moderation is Key!” -Cayla Evans

Going Out

While having a cheat day when you are focusing on your health is a lot of fun, just remember you don’t have to cut everything you love out throughout the week. Oftentimes eating your favorite foods in moderation will make for more successful lifestyle change than just going cold turkey.

Vitamin D

Sunshine is natures way of giving us a boost of energy and gives many health benefits. Did you know Sunshine (Vitamin D) is key in absorbing calcium to maintain bone health? It can even help strengthen your bones. It also helps support a healthy a brain, heart, teeth and lungs.

While too much sun can have negative side effects such as skin cancer, heat exhaustion and sunburn. The good outweighs the bad in the long run especially if you do so in moderation and with sunscreen protection!

For me, I work in front of a computer 9-5 Monday through Friday, so getting outside for at least an hour a day helps reset my serotonin levels. I get outside daily by going on walks with my dogs, but going on nature walks, gardening, or even going outside to read a good book are wonderful ways to get a daily dose of natures happiness medicine!

Just remember to protect your skin if you are going to be outside for more than a short walk!

If you are still feeling that you need more guidance on your spiritual journey a psychic reading can help with peace of mind.


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14 replies on “Taking Back Your Life”

I’ll check it out. My energy level fluctuates. I may start AFTER all this is over and I finally get to my new place hopefully with amazing sunsets. Thank you 😊

I have been wondering about Zumba for myself for getting stronger and better health wise, but I’m not sure of some things because I have Fibromyalgia and Arthritis, chronic fatigue and pain. Thank you for your time and for the information on it. I will definitely look into this. Have a Blessed day sweetie 🙏💜💞🙏.

Hi Kelly, what I love about Zumba is it has so many different levels as well as there are different areas of focus. Aerobics, abdominals, straight cardio as well as endurance and flexibility. My friend has arthritis and is able to do Zumba as well as modified yoga.

Good luck with your move and thank you for always being so supportive! Have a blessed day! -Cayla

I’ve been trying to implement these changes in my life daily.I’m glad you put this post up to remind people to take better care of themselves.
Respectfully submitted,
Audrea Lambert😊🌷👍

Thank you Cayla! For taking the time to spread the positive vibes! I’m excited to try Zumba! And the advice is great!

Thank you so much for your support! I highly recommend those two YouTube Zumba Channels! -Cayla

I’ll have to give Zumba a try! This year has been a discouraging one. Thanks for sharing!

This is such an inspiring piece of writing! Thank you so much Cayla and Chris for sharing this post!

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