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Weekly Guided Meditation – The Candle – Sylvia Browne

The Candle.

Today and throughout the week, really make this a special time for Christ consciousness and for appreciating Father’s God’s protection.
Think of a candlelight infusion, brilliance and the warmth and grace of Jesus. These fill every single part of your heart and soul. Feel yourself walking the same dusty road that he walked giving out his message  and dispersing love and goodness. Feel his  caring and love for his fellow human beings.  
The candlelight begins to have a halo around it which burns away all worries about yourself and  your family, health, money, car and household. All  those worries and things that you carry with you, let them all be rinsed out because all things pass away. It is all a dream and you can make it a fun one. You can laugh at the inequities  of life. Feel yourself being reborn and resolve  to love yourself more and more. Take the edge off  your impatience and realize that the true reason for your life is to experience for God. Feel  a rainbow of color now spreading through you.  
The green of healing the gold of mother Azna,  the purple of spirituality and the white light beaming down. Feel deserving of the love that you have for yourself stop all petty jealousies and worries. Let go of the hurts that have been  put on you and realize it is all part of living. 
It’s all part of the flesh. Forgive yourself for  any transgressions that you believe you have acted out. Ask to remain on track in this path. Now that  you have caught the hand of god let him take your old overlays of behavior give them to god who is always there for us static and omnipotent.  
If you do this you will never be alone again  because your inner peace will always be with you.  
Warmth surges through you taking away all pain  and fear. Keep this light around you and every single day this week try to do one unselfish  thing for yourself because when you truly love yourself you will be able to love all  others and they will feel it.
God love you.
– Sylvia Browne


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