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Prepare for your reading

IMPORTANT: All reading times are in Pacific Standard Time (California Time)

We know you're excited and likely anxious for your call with Chris. Chris is looking forward to connecting with you! Please make sure to read through this brief overview beforehand. Keep in mind that this brief is for one-on-one readings with Chris and does not apply to Ask Chris Questions or emails.

Call Recording
We encourage you to record your reading. You are welcome to record the call with Chris and Chris prefers this for his clients, so you will have something to refer to later.
One of the first questions Chris will ask is, “Are you ready to record?” Although this is not mandatory, many prefer to record the call.
If you have a smartphone, you can simply download a free record my call app to your device. There are many apps, such as, record my call and call recordings. If you do not have the app option, you can use an additional device such as a standard hand held recorder or a laptop/ipad with recording capabilities to record. Simply put your call on speaker and hit record. Whichever you decide, please test the record option before your call with Chris to be sure it is operational.
If you have chosen a Skype video call for your reading, you can directly record from Skype. Look for the record button and tap record while the call is in process.
If you choose “not” to record, please let Chris know before the call begins.
What Not To Do
Please refrain from driving while on a call with Chris.
Distractions during calls can be bothersome for both the client and Chris. Be sure to find a quiet area suitable with no noise or potential interruptions.
While using a cell phone, sometimes calls can drop due to poor cell service or internet issues. If a call drops, Chris will always try calling back right away. Please refrain from calling the office or trying to call back. Allow Chris to call you back.
If you miss Chris’s initial call, and or he calls you early, Chris will call you back. Chris will make a few phone call attempts. If he is unable to reach you, he will let his staff know and we will coordinate another attempt. If perhaps you have forgotten your appointment or something in your schedule takes precedence, we will gladly reschedule your appointment to a more suitable day and time. 
If you need help or need any additional information highlighting these details, please feel free to call our team directly and we can assist you! (408)379-7070.
Love and Light


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