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Astrological Birth Chart Reading

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Gain the knowledge of understanding your birth chart reading, Navigate your behavioral traits, character traits, desires, and which directions life might take you. Discover your inner self through your sun, your emotional self which is your moon, and your character through your rising sign. It is incredibly important that you have the right birth time and location as it can shift your entire chart.

Astrological Birth Charts are fantastic gifts for new or expecting parents so they can better understand how their child.

Our Astrologist Cayla Evans will send you a downloadable file with a breakdown of your birth chart as well as an additional audio clip of your astrology reading. That helps you understand how your life theme corresponds with your birth chart and spiritual journey.

All Birth Charts and Audio will be sent within 7 business days from date of purchase to the email address provided.

This product is great for personalized gift giving!

If you would like the Birth chart to focus on anything specific like career, relationship, financial, or communication please let us know in the field below.


4 reviews for Astrological Birth Chart Reading

  1. Kait

    Cayla nailed it- what a pleasant and interesting reading!

  2. Julie Baumann

    Had a couple questions answered and an Astrology reading with Cayla. Very on target.

  3. Norma (verified owner)

    I can’t wait to receive mine. 💞

  4. Rose Marie Bass

    Looking forward to my chart

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