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Dream Analysis


Dreams influence everything from our memories to our health,  well- being and relationships.
We can make positive changes by heeding the messages contained in our dreams.

Dreams, which are just one more dimension of our minds, a dimension that, when put into perspective, gives access to a whole new wealth of knowledge. The subconscious mind that takes charge while we sleep is where our passive memories are held and where the key lies to the records of all of our lives and every life we’ve ever lived on earth and on the other side. Dreams form a path to that key. That key unlocks the door to an eternity of wisdom. The more wisdom we acquire, the more understandable, useful and affirming our dreams become.

-Explore and unlock what your dreams may reveal-

Dream Analysis Sessions combine Dream Analysis and Spiritual Counseling providing you with current wonderful insight and clarity into your life’s unique path and spiritual journey.
Sessions can now be scheduled with Psychic Chris Dufresne  for a phone 15-20 minute sessions



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