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Connect with Chris to discover and explore all areas of your life including health, career, finances, family, personal relationships, spiritual, and social. Chris will help you to better understand each aspect of your charted journey in this life and past. When selecting appointment time, please keep in mind whichever time selected will be in CALIFORNIA TIME. When Booking** Please allow a 2 HOUR CALL WINDOW for Chris to initially contact you.

Some client calls are extremely sensitive in nature, for this reason Chris allows for a 2 hour window. Often times, Chris will take a few moments after a call  just to decompress, and allow himself to recharge for the next important client call. We appreciate your understanding and patience!

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27 reviews for 1/2 Hour Authentic Full Life Phone Reading

  1. Anita Polk

    I love Chris and his Mom

  2. Joanne Moore

    Sylvia Brownes books are my favorite.

  3. Minister Dilsworth (verified owner)

    I will always be grateful for Chris being there for me. Whenever someone reaches out to me for advice and I cannot help, I send them Chris’s contact information. God Bless him and his staff. Prayers are being sent to keep them all safe.

  4. Carla Pahs (verified owner)

    I was nervous of course when Chris called but his tone of his voice was calming.What I am going through life he kept reassuring me that he is there for me.He gave me comfort..Thank You Chris😘

  5. Belinda Colwell (verified owner)

    I cannot express how grateful I am for the help Chris has given me. Not everything he has told me has been what I wanted to hear, but he not only relayed what he saw, he offered me options and advice, and I truly felt that he cared.

  6. Kate Hanzalik (verified owner)

    I was introduced to Chris Dufresne in Sylvia Browne’s various writings and videos. In her book, If You Could See What I See, she talked about how Chris always fed three cats who would show up at his doorstep. “Why,” someone wanted to know. “Because they’re hungry,” he said. Sylvia said his mentality is “If there’s a need, fill it.” I found that to be true during my reading. I asked random questions and he answered them, in a knowledgeable, humble, and nice way. I listen to his readings on youtube too. Any question, however minor or major, he answers with an open mind and heart. That’s awesome. We need more people like Chris in the world today.

  7. Steven Gutierrez (verified owner)

    My first reading with Chris was in 2006. As time passed, his reading turned out to be more and more accurate. He described my future wife down to her eyes and personality. I referred a relative in need and his advice was again spot on. Chris makes everyone feel at home as though you are talking to an old friend who knows you too well. I was looking for a guide when my family advisor passed away. Before she passed she said “seek and you shall find” I did and I did. Thanks Chris.

  8. Sherri Morgan (verified owner)

    Chris is wonderful. I have been getting readings with him yearly for many years. He always explains everything and helps me to understand my chart. He always has the right answers. Everything we have talked about has come true. I will always trust what he tells me and I look forward to talking with him very soon. Everyone should get a reading done with Chris. Thank you Chris for always being there to help me. With out Chris’ help I would never have made it through the last 10 years.

  9. Fraser (verified owner)

    I am in awe at the sheer insight with which Chris delivers the information. His easy style and pace has always made me feel comfortable.
    It still begs the question….just how does he do it? Simply amazing!!

  10. Jennifer Weusthoff (verified owner)

    Thank you Chris for such an uplifting experience. It was mind blowing to hear how much was ‘spot-on’. It gave me a lot of comfort and peace of mind to have that conversation!

  11. NayNay (verified owner)

    I’m going to need a second job after my reading because I’ll want many, many more with Chris. Not only was he spot on, he knew things about my health that not even my parents or significant other knows. Super insightful, kind, and I left feeling so uplifted. That’s not to say all news is good news, he is honest and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Will definitely be coming back for more.

  12. Raquel C (verified owner)

    My readings with Chris are priceless. The information he gives me has helped me far beyond what words can describe. Words just never seem like enough , the gratitude I have in my heart for the work he does is never ending. I’m always learning new things from him and finding out information thats helped me in my most challenging obstacles. Him and his mom are just amazing talented people!!!! I encourage everyone to have a reading with him , your life will be forever changed if you are open!

  13. Jason W

    What a great reading I had with Chris! So many things he told me were spot on. He provided alot of messages and advice that were very helpful. I have had some serious health issues and the messages he gave me put me at ease that I will heal. He definitely seems to care about his clients and enjoys helping people. I would love to have another reading with Chris!

  14. Val

    Chris is absolutely amazing! He is truly a gifted psychic and medical intuitive. He was on point with information before I could ask him a question. I had all my questions answered and then some. I left my reading feeling so upbeat and complete! Chris takes his time and makes sure your reading is pleasant and everything you need answered . I can’t say enough positive things about Chris. All I know is I will be scheduling another reading in the near future. Chris you and your mom are truly amazing souls!!

  15. Brian Ferguson (verified owner)

    Chris is very direct and caring, I never talked to Chris before and when the reading started it was if he knew me a life time and was sitting beside me

  16. Carol lynn (verified owner)

    Some times you just need a hand. After lots of family deaths and cancer I had some questions. Chris to the rescue. Spot on and not what I expected he seemed to know me . He offered guidance ,hope and kindness . The reading was a big help . Highly recommend . You’ll be happy and surprised. Just try it. Gave to some friends and all agree. 🌈

  17. Glenn teza

    Regular client since 1980

  18. Mary jo

    I have had 3 readings from Chris and question answered! So I’m a huge fan ! Plus I’m
    Psychic 58 years just can’t read myself ! Chris is awesome as always I do recommend Chris ! Take the offer )

  19. Christine Paschen (verified owner)

    I had a reading with Chris and was blown away that he seemed to know me as well as I know myself. I was able to take my time and Chris answered every question I had. If you are on the fence about getting a reading you should take the leap!

  20. Prabjyot Sharma (verified owner)

    The reading was commendably honest, accurate and insightful. Chris is truly like a light in the darkness. Thank you for your compassion and help, Chris. It was a pleasure speaking to you for the second time.

    Lots of love and blessings to you and your family and of course never forgetting Silvya. So much love to her and you both….

  21. Robert E Frilette (verified owner)

    The reading went very well. He was totally accurate regarding my health issues, and he answered all my questions. I’ll probably follow-up in a year to see how I’m doing.

  22. Louise Fitch (verified owner)

    I had my first reading with Chris on March 22nd for a 30 minute reading. I was nervous but Chris put me right at ease. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope to be able to afford another one soon. I loved it!

  23. Andrea (verified owner)

    I adore Chris. Had two readings with him and loved him. He’s very supportive and encouraging also

  24. Tracy McDougall (verified owner)

    I have had the pleasure of 3 half hour phone readings with Chris. I can’t say enough positive things about my readings, accurate and very kind experiences. You will NOT be disappointed! Chris is my spiritual counselor, I call him every couple of years, I wish I could call daily lol. Thanks Chris and staff for all you do and share.

  25. Elizabeth M Smith (verified owner)

    I’m always at peace after a reading with Chris, he just makes you smile thru it. As a repeat customer I will always recommend Chris & I will be back again. I Love what he’s doing with the Q & A’s and all the new initiative’s going on to the website. He is a great lover of furry feline’s & those in need. Chris, Avocado & Fig tree’s like the same soil PH, check the salinity level of the soil & the soil composition & make sure to plant two tree’s M / F preferably from Mexico . Best of luck Elizabeth & Houdini

  26. Patricia Rosario (verified owner)

    Thank you for the great reading. It always gives me insight to my decision on how to move forward in life.

  27. Janice Hudson-Huff

    Direct and straight forward. Chris saw what was happening in my life clearer than even I do. He helped me more than words can say or can write. If you are looking for clarity and direction in a murky world, Chris is your guy.

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