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Why Book a Psychic Reading?

Psychic Readings help you understand all areas of your life.  including health, career, finances, family, personal relationships, spiritual, and social. Chris will help you to better understand each aspect of your charted journey in this life and past. When selecting appointment time, please keep in mind whichever time selected will be in CALIFORNIA TIME. When Booking** Please allow a 2 HOUR CALL WINDOW for Chris to initially contact you.

If you feel like you have a list of over 10 questions or want to discuss past lives I highly recommend a 1 hour Authentic Full Life Phone Psychic Reading.

Some client calls are extremely sensitive in nature, for this reason Chris allows for a 2 hour window. Often times, Chris will take a few moments after a call  just to decompress, and allow himself to recharge for the next important client call. We appreciate your understanding and patience!

If you prefer to pay with a credit card, as opposed to PayPal, please note that you have that option once you click the PayPal button.

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Psychic Chris Dufresne continues to educate and connect with you on YouTube weekly. Psychic Chris Dufresne is an internationally recognized psychic and author who has been in professional practice for over 38 years. He is the son of world renowned psychic, author, lecturer and researcher, the late Sylvia Browne.

Since Sylvia’s passing, Chris has embarked on his own path, which includes lectures throughout the country, radio podcasts and television appearances. In this way, he continues his mother’s legacy, bringing spiritual awareness to our world, as well as his own personal message of hope, peace and love.


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Why Book a Full Life Psychic Reading?

A Full Life Psychic Reading helps you understand all areas of your life.  including health, career, finances, family, personal relationships, spiritual, and social. Chris will help you to better understand each aspect of your charted journey in this life and past. When selecting appointment time, please keep in mind whichever time selected will be in CALIFORNIA TIME. When Booking** Please allow a 2 HOUR CALL WINDOW for Chris to initially contact you.

If you feel like you have a list of over 10 questions or want to discuss past lives I highly recommend a 1 hour Authentic Full Life Phone Psychic Reading.

Some client calls are extremely sensitive in nature, for this reason Chris allows for a 2 hour window. Often times, Chris will take a few moments after a call  just to decompress, and allow himself to recharge for the next important client call. We appreciate your understanding and patience!

If you prefer to pay with a credit card, as opposed to PayPal, please note that you have that option once you click the PayPal button.

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Psychic Chris Dufresne continues to educate and connect with you on YouTube weekly. Psychic Chris Dufresne is an internationally recognized psychic and author who has been in professional practice for over 38 years. He is the son of world renowned psychic, author, lecturer and researcher, the late Sylvia Browne.

Since Sylvia’s passing, Chris has embarked on his own path. Including lectures throughout the country, radio podcasts and television appearances. In this way, he continues his mother’s legacy. Chris brings spiritual awareness to our world. As well as his own personal message of hope, peace and love.


102 reviews for 1/2 hour Authentic Full Life Psychic Reading by phone

  1. Michelle K (verified owner)

    Chris was answering my question before I could eve asked it!! He proves that he does not need any information given, and he gave some insight that really resonated on the situation and everything became clear; he made me aware of how detrimental and even, unsafe, if a situation I was in and I feel good walking away from the situation after speaking with Chris…..don’t go through guess work with another “psychic”, just go to CHRIS!! 🙂

  2. Karen Beck (verified owner)

    It’s my pleasure to share my experience with Chris , from the moment he said hello I felt like I knew him for a lifetime. It was very comforting and he was spot on , I Recommend him for your readings , Chris also had a funny side to him , I plan more reading from him in the near future , , I must also comment on his staff , simply amazing , also felt like I’ve known them as well , so kind & patient and very professional , so from The beginning, making an appointment to the end , , fantastic , amazing , Many thank you hugs to you, Chris and your staff❤️❤️.

  3. Barbara Glowacz (verified owner)

    Worth every penny and minute. This was my first reading with Chris and I purchased the 30min phone reading. He is very kind and friendly. It is like speaking with a GOOD friend. His ability to connect with you and get right to the heart of all the things you need to know are presented in light speed. A great investment and I rest easy knowing I have this resource if I ever need it in the future.

  4. Sharon Boyer (verified owner)

    I met with Chris and to my surprise he was a delight to work with. Chris provided me with many answers and guidance for my future. It was like he already knew my questions. I appreciated his honest and direct answers.
    Highly recommend Chris

  5. Felicia Ganiyu (verified owner)

    I think that if you are a Sylvia Browne fan you may feel an automatic connection to Chris because he really is a lot like his mother. Chris is able to give you quick honest answers filled with empathy and care. I appreciate that so much with the things that I am going through. I am extremely exhausted right now with a situation going on in my home and he really gave me the push to keep going because my situation is almost at a resolve. He’s not just a Psychic he’s a very caring person.

  6. Thomas Kropp (verified owner)

    What a ride that was! Chris answered all my questions and then some. I’m very pleased with my reading. He was able to identify that I had anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. He talked about the vitamins I was deficient in that contributed to all of that. I was very impressed. He went through a ton of stuff and I’m glad I recorded it all to go through it when I need to. I would absolutely do a reading again with Chris. He is the real deal. My advice to anyone interested in a psychic reading with Chris is if you got 20 questions write 40 questions. He goes through alot of stuff, and record it. You will be glad you did so you can go back through it again to remember stuff. I loved my experience and I got my monies worth and then some.

  7. Billie (verified owner)

    Chris helped me to gain some peace in my heart from the loss of my best friend, soul mate, and husband. He also gave me some good advice on how to take better care of myself. He was a great comfort for me in his reading. Thanks you very much.

  8. Jill (verified owner)

    What a fantastic experience having a reading for the first time with Chris! I’ve spoken with many psychics and mediums in my day, and Chris is definitely one of the best. Great reading. He is professional and kind and very funny. I can’t wait to speak with him again.

  9. Giovanna (verified owner)

    Chris is a class act. Very personable and puts you at ease. Answered all my questions and gave me insights on limiting beliefs I was unaware of. Take good notes or record. The information from slpitit comes thru very fast .
    Very pleased, he’s the real deal and a caring guy. That you cannot fake. I look forward to booking another session in the future.
    He has put my mind at ease .

  10. Nancy Katt Miles (verified owner)

    Chris is amazing and professional. He was spot on with things he knew. He also gives the best advice. I wish he was a personal friend because he has just an amazing energy of someone you’d definitely want in your life. He’s such a Dad too. When speaking with him you’re just comfortable and feel like you’re chatting with someone who actually cares. He also embodies a lot of his beautiful mother. At times you can hear her speaking through him. He is a blessing. I would recommend him to any and everyone. This was my 2nd time reaching out and I will definitely be doing it again. And taking the things he has taught me and formulating them into my life to live a better longer life. I can’t think you enough Chris. And thank you Sylvia for birthing this blessing.

  11. Christina Robles (verified owner)

    Chris was amazing I will use him again anytime.. I was very nervous so I left with a lot of questions but I’ll be back

  12. Becky Malinowski (verified owner)

    I so enjoy when I get a reading from Chris. He is very professional and friendly. He is able to calm my heart and soul with the readings and I will continue to seek his readings out! Thanks so much Chris!

  13. Julie (verified owner)

    Thank you so much Chris you have helped me with clarifying everything that is going on with my life and I will follow the steps you have directed me to do. God Bless You. ❤️

  14. Michelle (verified owner)

    If you want a reading that is right on I highly recommend Chris. I always feel like a new person afterwards. I have clarity and direction and I’m at peace.

  15. Laura Bale (verified owner)

    Chris is great! My recent reading was very accurate and the information he provided has been very helpful and comforting. I will definitely reach out to him again.

  16. Jenny (verified owner)

    Exactly what I needed to know
    Exactly what I needed to hear
    Exactly the right delivery
    Exactly the right time
    So grateful for the help !
    Sincere ****** Thank you so much !

  17. Barb Peto (verified owner)

    Thank you Chris for that extremely heart settling reading. I really needed those concerns I had straightened out.
    You were right about all we discussed, and so easy to talk to. I still need another reading for the rest of my questions, but you’ve given me things to work on. And I’ll do my best to not let the stubbornness back in. lol
    Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do for all of us.
    Have a wonderful evening.

  18. Pam (verified owner)

    Thank you Chris for a great reading as always. Chris is the BEST! He is amazing! I always look forward to a reading with him, he is honest, direct and accurate and I highly recommend a reading with Chris.

  19. Emily Morast (verified owner)

    Chris is a psychic with excellent accuracy, empathy, and clarity. His readings are easy to understand and spot on. I highly recommend his services for all your psychic needs!

  20. Debbie (verified owner)

    Longtime follower of Sylvia Browne. Learned about Chris decades ago from his mother. His psychic abilities are incredible. I am 70 years of age so it’s not too easy to get one over on me. Chris is for real. After our recent reading, I actually learned things about myself that I never considered. Go figure. You would think at this age someone would know them Go figure. You would think at this age someone would know them self. It is so easy to book a reading. Chris allows for the reading to go how you would like it to…. meaning, his insight can come first or your questions can. You will want to record your reading for sure. I will most definitely be back for more. Thank you Chris. Thank you so very much for what you do and the gift that you have. All I can say now is that what you share with folks is Most assuredly a gift to us.

  21. Shaunda PF (verified owner)

    I have admired Sylvia work as a youth growing up and always felt a pull towards working with the spiritual realm. I feel even more honored to be able to have a reading with Chris as a renowned psychic in his own right and is a continuing legacy of his beloved mother. Chris offered much needed validation and encouragement that I am on the right path in life. I appreciate the reminder to slow down, breathe and not overanalyze everything. Mahalo Chris

  22. Annette Gerdes (verified owner)

    I am so grateful to Chris for taking the time connect with me. Within the first couple of minutes he was able to confirm that my thoughts and feeling about a situation were dead on and we discussed how powerful it is to trust in one’s self. He also shared with me points his spirit guide wanted me to know, even though I didn’t ask. Together they ensure my whole self was informed of things I needed to be made aware of. How amazing is that! I will be forever grateful. Thank you, Chris.

  23. Kelli Slagel (verified owner)

    One of the best things I could have done! Chris helped me so much, I have been so confused in life and been following both Sylvia & Chris! He straightened out my confusion in life and am so thankful!!

  24. Doreen Speller (verified owner)

    Chris is amazing! He makes you feel cared for during the reading. He has great energy & is extremely personable. His gifts are unmatched! I definitely want another reading with him. One of the best experiences!

  25. Poppi (verified owner)

    I enjoyed the life reading with Chris, he assured me there was nothing to be nervous about, and if there was something we could help the situation by seeing it now… I loved that.. and he was very kind and naturally caring. Chris was excellent in helping me feel safe and cared for in a professional setting. I am grateful for the opportunity. Thank You again!

  26. Chery Andrews (verified owner)

    I have had readings with Chris for many years. Chris is truly gifted with the work he does. Through the good and challenging one may go through, my experience with Chris has been life changing and amazing! I will continue my journey through life with Chris and always be grateful!

  27. Shannon O’Connor

    I had a wonderful experience speaking with Chris. To be honest, I was skeptical at first. This was a gift from my girlfriend to help me since I have been struggling lately. So this was my first time speaking with any psychic. I believe in psychic phenomenon and even though I know who Chris is and have seen some of his videos, I still felt skeptical due to the amount of people out there that claim they are psychics but are just scams. But i stayed open. Chris however, is totally the real deal and is not like that at all. He knew things that I didn’t know were possible. When he started speaking I was shocked at what he knew and could see. The little doubt I had in my mind was gone in seconds. Any skepticism was gone. He helped me figure out a lot. Especially in regards to my health. He seemed to know about my health issues and also how hard I am on myself about things and helped me to see things very differently. I am extremely grateful. This has been a life changing experience and I would love to save up and do another one in about a year and see what he says then. I didn’t even realize until the next day how many questions I had. I would suggest scheduling your appt a few weeks ahead and any time you think of something you want to ask just write it down or put in your phone. I tried to think of everything I wanted to know in just the few days before my appt, and I now realize I should have gone slowly. Sometimes questions would pop up in the middle of a dr appt or when I’m outside with my dog, but when I would go to write them down I would forget some.
    I am so thankful to Chris for taking the time to speak with me. It has helped me gain a ton of insight and a whole different outlook on things.
    Thanks Chris!!

  28. Eileen Perez

    I’m a first timer at reading and My experience with Chris was awesome. I’m glad I did it because his answers gave me insight to my life now and in the future. Definitely gonna continue on supporting him 👍🏼

  29. Karrie B. (verified owner)

    It was a FANTASTIC reading, more than I knew actually. I asked a couple questions for others as well in my 1/2 hour reading.
    It blew them away!! They also received much needed answers to some very important issues about loved ones who had crossed over.

  30. Tanya Burt (verified owner)

    I’m beyond grateful for Chris and the information he gave me… I needed this to get my life back on track! He was kind, listened to me and gave HONEST answers. If he didn’t know something, he wouldn’t just make something up to give you what you want to hear… he would tell you, I’m not getting that. I know what “I” need to do now and it’s put some excitement and happiness back into my heart. THANK YOU CHRIS!

  31. Brenda (verified owner)

    I had my reading with Chris last week. He was very kind and listened. He told me to enjoy life and the end result would alway be the same. He also explained free will. He is on TIKTOK which is how I found him. Was nice speaking with him.

  32. Amy

    I have been getting readings from Chris and Sylvia for 15+ years. I actually reviewed 6 readings I had in prior years before my most recent and was astounded at how accurate and helpful Chris and his mom have been to me during times in my life when I have needed them. Chris is always kind, loving, and understanding and has been instrumental in helping me move through some of the most tiresome, frustrating, troublesome times of my life. We are all so lucky we can call on Chris for help and he uses his gifts to enhance our lives, and our understanding of our life’s path. I would highly recommend speaking to him if you are in need of some peace, love, and light.

  33. Amanda (verified owner)

    Although my reading was tough to hear and process, Chris helped make sure I could see the positive side. He is extremely kind when it came to sensitive matters and let me know it will be worth the life experience in the end. Thank you Chris for being such a sweetheart to me and everything you do❤ God bless you!!

  34. Nancy (verified owner)

    I had my first reading with Chris 30 years ago and over the years all his predictions came true.
    Thirty years later I sought counsel and he again has been extremely helpful.
    Thank you Chris!

  35. Elizabeth Sutor (verified owner)
    I was so nervous but Chris immediately put me at ease. It was like talking to a friend I’d known for decades.

    He was down-to-earth and relatable and a joy to meet and talk to. He was direct, and enough so about a certain situation that I knew he was telling me the truth about what the future holds and doesn’t hold. He knew about things I had not mentioned and haven’t told anyone. He brought them up – not me! They were worrying me and I’d been ignoring the gravity of the situation but I am taking them seriously and addressing them as soon as possible.

    Foer the first time in over 2 years I felt calm about my future, instead of fear. I have focus and clarity thanks to this fabulous man.

    I can’t wait to talk to him again in about 6 months to touch base, delve into a few more issues and let him know whats happened since our session. I trust his insight and his advice.

  36. Kay (verified owner)

    It was a great reading, as usual. Chris reiterated things he had told me before – don’t know how he remembers – and left me with a positive outlook for the future.

  37. Paul Trowe (verified owner)

    Chris reminds me of his mother so much. He’s so accurate and just tells it like it is. I’m so incredibly grateful he’s available to help me through trying times like these. 🙏🏽

  38. Rod Mcneal (verified owner)

    I spoke with Chris yesterday and it was like talking to my favourite cousin that you get to see at family gatherings, someone you can open up to without reservation and get a heart-felt and thoughtful response.I last spoke with Chris in the late 90,s.Thank-you for sharing your gift for all these years.I would like to dedicate a song to Chris ,Wrecking Ball, by Interpol, to me it evokes a sense of introspection, longing, and solitude; for those of us who have lost a loved one, especially, our mothers.

  39. Jennifer Maskol (verified owner)

    I just had my reading with Chris today and was blown away! The information I received was invaluable! He is a gifted psychic and a very kind person. Thank You!

  40. Jeanette (verified owner)

    Chris always helps me so much dealing with my life situation! I have a peace that is profound after his readings. Thank you Chris for answering questions I’ve had!

  41. Sandra (verified owner)


  42. Sandra (verified owner)

    For over thirty years I got weekly readings (and healings) from a psychic who passed away last year. I went online and I found a psychic that I liked for the most part but wasn’t 100% satisfied with her readings so I went back online and I found out about Chris. All three readings that I got from him quite recently were so phenomenal! I’m so grateful to have “found” him! I will be getting readings from him from now on! Thank you so, so much Chris!

  43. Marilyn (verified owner)

    I arranged a call with Chris as a gift for my mother. She has struggled for a long time with grief and depression and a feeling of not knowing what to do next in her life. She was consumed with many questions and anxieties, but after her call with Chris her worries and anxieties were put to rest. He provided information to her and answered her questions which gave her hope and a renewed direction and sense of self. We are forever thankful for his words, support and encouragement.

  44. Mary jo axson (verified owner)

    My reading with Chris March 28, 2022 was amazing .I have had a few readings with Chris .Chris is always on point ! He’s honest, true and funny I just have to say . I will always come to Chris for advice/answers !! Thank you Chris for an amazing readings as always . Funny thing Chris knew who I was he is amazing! Mary Jo

  45. Brittney Ortiz (verified owner)

    My aunt messaged me one day, Saying that she had booked a reading with Chris. She then proceeded to send me some links and YouTube videos. She was hoping that They would speak for themselves. They did. We both noticed how his answers seem to be sincere, and quick. There was no time for him to make anything up or lie and he showed no sign of fabricating anything that he was speaking . There was no room, between the question and his answer, to lie or manifest an answer. He just answered. He was doing a special have off a half hour reading and she offered to pay for half of my reading for a Christmas present. she had also booked one for herself and had plenty of questions as well. We spent a month trying to figure out what We would ask him. Awe brainstormed on the what were the more practical questions that should be asked as appose to questions that didn’t tackle the things that needed to be tackled.We talked about the ones that would be a waste of my time with Chris; and I got myself a good stony list. She did the same. When I started listening to her reading, Immediately he started saying things that she’s been told in previous readings with others. I was amazed!
    The most beautiful thing I noticed in the most convincing thing was not the answers that he gave my aunt, but it was answers he didn’t give her.
    Any fake Psychic, in my opinion, will lie and tell you what you want to hear. These lies keep your money coming in and keep your questions unanswered.
    Chris ,Instead of telling her what she so clearly, and desperately wanted to hear. He told her the truth, somethings she knew but needed to hear and somethings she had had a little bit of hope left for. He didn’t feed this hope; at the risk of her not booking another reading with him. She got the answers she needed, not that ones she wanted
    I was afraid of wasting my time and questions with him; but then something told me that he wouldn’t allow me to stray from the questions I needed to ask, or waste me own time
    Low and behold he told me I was focusing to much on one Thing and lead me exactly down the road I needed to go
    SobNot only did I get to ask all my questions, but He Also steered me away from the ones that wouldnt be a good use of my reading, the ones I was debating about asking. Immediately, right off the bat I was blown away. He knew things that I really didn’t even know, But turned out to be right. his suggestions about my health were spot on and nailed my relationship with my husband as well. I was blown away, And I still get emotional looking back thinking about how I just needed some perspective and an unbiased party telling me what I needed to do! Thank you Chris! Please do another sale🤞🏼🤞🏼
    You’re truly a gift !

  46. Ana Steigerwald

    Chris is simply Gifted and Remarkable !!!

    As I am asking my questions , half way through question , he is already picking up on full detail and helping me with guidance….

    I cherish Chris as I have Sylvia….

    To speak with Chris is to speak with family…there is no sugar coating , but there is kindness , warmth , empathy as well directness when needed.

    You are left with clarity to questions asked , as well areas Chris picks up on ( of what you never asked ) ..( you must take note of these moments…as I ASSURE you…they will eventually pop up !!!!

    Chris is a gem of authentic light !!!

    I have been a client of Chris for over 15 years….and I was a client of Sylvia’s for approximately 7 years before that….and ALWAYS on point !!

    As always , I will circle back with our gem Chris as life chapters unfold .

    Bouquets of Hug’s and Appreciation Sweetest Cris !!!



  48. SUZANNE STEWART (verified owner)

    We felt so comfortable talking to Chris it was like talking to a close friend. We loved his honesty and how he presented what he said. I had also spoken to his mom twice and everything she said happened. True story she told me when, where and how I would meet my husband. She told me his name, height, hair and eye color and what he did for a career. 18 years happily married!

  49. Elizabeth Nash

    I consider Chris to be my spiritual advisor, and great ones aren’t easy to find. Chris helps me see the truth of my perspectives, he helps me see where I am on track and areas where I can improve my areas of my life’s purpose, and he brings new insights to help me grow to my fullest potential. The truth does help set me free! I am grateful to have such guidance.

  50. C Jenease III (verified owner)

    Thank you Chris for bringing a lot more love, grace, and truth to my life. I very much enjoyed my reading because I wanted to hear from my daughter who was only ten years old when she had a tragic accident that no one could have known would happen. She returned to Jesus. Since then, my dad died, my grandma died, my mom’s old friend died, and my uncles died. I was grateful to hear my two family members who committed suicide found peace in God and heaven. Amen

  51. Judi Sotelo (verified owner)

    Chris will help you feel comfortable. Whenever I talk with him it’s as if we’ve been friends forever and I am 100% at ease. He is honest and truthful, yet gentle and never judgmental in his delivery. I love to joke around and I’m sarcastic by nature so I appreciate and love his sense of humor. He is also unbelievably accurate. For those of you who have never had a reading with Chris before, please keep an open mind. Do not dismiss something right away, even if doesn’t make sense or if it seems too far off to be accurate. Just because at the moment it can seem that way, in time you will get that “aha” moment!
    I have so much admiration for Chris. I tend to be very skeptical so I don’t go to anyone else but him. He has earned my respect and loyalty thru his honesty. He doesn’t sugar coat things just to make you feel good, though even when you don’t necessarily like the truth, he has a way of helping you see the the glass half full. I always feel soo much better after talking with him. He’s given me hope during my darkest moments and I so very grateful for the work that he does. How he can maintain such light and kindness to be able to do this day in and day out is beyond me. He truly is a blessing and gift from God. Thank you God.

  52. Sharon Roberts

    I shared with Chris something that I had been wanting to share with his mother Sylvia who I was a huge fan of. During my reading with Chris, I told him that when I had gone to see his mother speak in Seattle, that I saw Ada, Sylvia’s mother by her side as she was addressing the audience. I also saw a male on the other side of her who was beaming and seemed very happy to be there as well. He gave her a kiss on her head. There were silver sparks everywhere. It was amazing to be able to see, and I felt drawn to tell Chris. I also wanted to share with Chris that his mom, Sylvia, had appeared to me and led me to get this reading with him. I have been having a lot of health problems and it was awesome to have Sylvia appear to me and lead me to Chris. My reading was a success, as Chris did a wonderful job pointing me in the right direction, plus giving me tips on how to get back on the road to recovery. It was a special reading and I am truly thankful. Thank you to Chris, Sylvia, and their teams!

  53. Treva (verified owner)

    Chris did my first reading over 14 years ago. He told me 3 things that were 100% accurate.
    1. He said I would have another child and it would be a son and if I wanted another girl I’d have to have another one.
    2 years later I had a boy and the very next year a girl.

    2. I was concerned about my moms health and though we didn’t have a diagnosis (We had an idea of what was wrong) he told me what exactly was wrong with her and that was accurate as well.

    3. He told me accurate info regarding my boys future and my marriage.

    I have since then had 5 more readings (1 of which was last year and 2 this year). I am so looking forward to his newest predictions.

    Thank you Chris. I will of course talk to you soon. I appreciate you. Oh and I drunk a whole liter of water today. 🙂

  54. Edie Tanner (verified owner)

    This was my second reading. My first reading was in 2007. He recalled my name and remembered me. I highly recommend Chris for a reading. He is honest and straight forward, gentle, and kind. He was spot on with current issues in my life. I will be taking his advice. I will return for another reading. Thank you very much Chris.

  55. Tanya Burt (verified owner)

    Highly recommend! Chris is not only compassionate, gentle and kind… but straight up HONEST! He told it like it is. I highly recommend him. He was spot on with current issues in my life, and here’s to hoping for a happy future! I will definitely be back for another reading. And I will be taking his advice. Thank you Chris!

  56. Veronica (verified owner)

    I had a reading with Chris over 20 years ago. Sure wish I would have followed his advice!
    My husband just had his first ever psychic reading, and The first two things Chris said was on point exactly and both had just happened two days prior. We were very happy with the reading and will definitely have another reading at a later date.

  57. Nikki Dickerson (verified owner)

    I have had 2 readings with Chris. One in mid 2020 and one this year. Chris was so accurate with my first reading that I decided to proceed with another one this year, asking different questions. Both readings I felt like I was talking to a long time best friend who knew me very well. He answered my questions before I could even get them out of my mouth. Very personable, non judge-mental, discreet and honest. I received confirmation on things I had wondered for years, had some “kick in the gut” news, some things I could change in my life to help me personally, and overall positive news. What I received from Chris will help me endure this life and navigate around people and things that are toxic for me. I know I will be scheduling another reading with him in the future and I will refer anyone I can that is open to and wants direction. Thank you Chris for blessing me and changing my life.

  58. clarence w fritz(bill) (verified owner)

    great always good to hear from chris uplifting is perfect way to say whatever he is saying be safe god bless all

  59. Julie Martindale (verified owner)

    Chris! IS THE ONE! He is kind, considerate, thorough, and an absolute joy!!! He began sharing everything he was seeing, answered questions withOUT me asking, and provided clear insight in what I need to tweak in my life. I will be scheduling and in-person read just to meet him. Talking with Chris was as though I was talking with a long time friend. I feel honored and Blessed… thank You Chris. In and with gratitude

  60. Jordonna Lobese (verified owner)

    Great reading. On point and touched on key components. Enjoyed it!

  61. Jordonna Lobese (verified owner)

    Great reading. On point and touched on key components. Mirrored my own thoughts and solidified them. Enjoyed it!

  62. Gina Boisvert (verified owner)

    My phone meeting with Chris was amazing..I am going through the most difficult part of my life right now..after talking with him I feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders ..I needed to talk to him I felt it..I’m glad I did. I see another call in my advice is to make sure you have your questions ready and written down, my mind went blank for a bit I have more questions that I should have asked..definitely worth the call.❤

  63. Kady Dolphin (verified owner)

    Thank you so much Chris for another amazing reading! I don’t know what it is but speaking with you releases a lot of stress and I can’t thank you enough. Always on point and very down to earth, just like speaking with a friend. I hope you continue your work for many years because you definitely have a gift. Thank you again!

  64. Kay (verified owner)

    This was my second phone reading, the first having taken place several years ago. Again, Chris was spot on, very courteous, humble and his psychic abilities amazing. It was a GREAT reading!

  65. Kim Mitchell (verified owner)

    My reading very insightful and reassuring. Chris made me feel at ease during the call.

  66. Vickie Hensley (verified owner)

    My phone reading with Chris was wonderful. He told me things to look out for, things to take care of, confirmed things I had wondered about, and told me not to worry, everything would be fine! Although I didn’t have many questions, he made sure that he answered all of them. We shared laughs, it was great! Love Chris!

  67. Linda N (verified owner)

    I’ve already referred Chris’s name to 2 dear friends. His reading was full of information no other psychic has given me. Extremely helpful and uplifting. Thanks so much, Chris, for doing what you do!❤️

  68. Patience Dye (verified owner)

    I am so happy to have had a reading with Chris. It helped me to have the guidance I so needed to reinsure I was going down the right path. Thank you Chris!! I loved your mother Sylvia. She is missed by many.

  69. Marie Washam (verified owner)

    Yeah …. everything said above is accurate!! 😁🤗 If you have a question ask Chris!! I have had a reading at least twice plus I use the ‘ask a question’ options. He speaks kindly always, just like they say above, like he knows you as a friend. 😊😀😊 Yes!! He is accurate!! Hey guys — remember he is more than a guy with the answers …tell him thank you and you appreciate his time.

  70. A (verified owner)

    Chris hit the bullseye! He was honest, direct, and detailed in his answers to me–who was somewhat hesitant. He really does have a gift and touched on things in my life that I’ve never said to anyone. I had a 30 min. reading that was very affordable for the information received. I would recommend him without question.

  71. Cheyenne Booras (verified owner)

    I have waited over 10 years to have a reading done. With that being said I am so glad I chose Chris. Not only was Chris reassuring me that I am on the correct path but he made me feel at ease. I find myself referring back to our discussion in my everyday life. I recommend anyone have at least 1 reading. You won’t be disappointed.

  72. Carol Marshall (verified owner)

    Chris made me very comfortable during my reading and with me asking all my questions. The information provided was very much appreciated. Such a wonderful gift he shares. I am so Thankful to have been able to get a reading from him.

  73. Maureen Michaelis

    I look forward to your advise concerning family problems

  74. Anne Pliska (verified owner)

    Chris was great, as usual! He always gets right to the areas in my life that need my immediate attention. He also gives me awareness of future challenges, which helps in preparing me to meet those challenges with good, informed decisions.

  75. Dana Vaiasicca (verified owner)

    Loved my read with Chris, I wish I recorded the reading as suggested. He was so good and so very informative. I was a little skeptical until he started reading me..He is the real deal…I feel so happy about my reading
    I Love listening to the Q&A on Facebook & YouTube
    I look forward to a follow up reading in a year or so
    Thank you Chris

  76. Janice Hudson-Huff

    Direct and straight forward. Chris saw what was happening in my life clearer than even I do. He helped me more than words can say or can write. If you are looking for clarity and direction in a murky world, Chris is your guy.

  77. Patricia Rosario (verified owner)

    Thank you for the great reading. It always gives me insight to my decision on how to move forward in life.

  78. Elizabeth M Smith (verified owner)

    I’m always at peace after a reading with Chris, he just makes you smile thru it. As a repeat customer I will always recommend Chris & I will be back again. I Love what he’s doing with the Q & A’s and all the new initiative’s going on to the website. He is a great lover of furry feline’s & those in need. Chris, Avocado & Fig tree’s like the same soil PH, check the salinity level of the soil & the soil composition & make sure to plant two tree’s M / F preferably from Mexico . Best of luck Elizabeth & Houdini

  79. Tracy McDougall (verified owner)

    I have had the pleasure of 3 half hour phone readings with Chris. I can’t say enough positive things about my readings, accurate and very kind experiences. You will NOT be disappointed! Chris is my spiritual counselor, I call him every couple of years, I wish I could call daily lol. Thanks Chris and staff for all you do and share.

  80. Andrea (verified owner)

    I adore Chris. Had two readings with him and loved him. He’s very supportive and encouraging also

  81. Louise Fitch (verified owner)

    I had my first reading with Chris on March 22nd for a 30 minute reading. I was nervous but Chris put me right at ease. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope to be able to afford another one soon. I loved it!

  82. Robert E Frilette (verified owner)

    The reading went very well. He was totally accurate regarding my health issues, and he answered all my questions. I’ll probably follow-up in a year to see how I’m doing.

  83. Prabjyot Sharma (verified owner)

    The reading was commendably honest, accurate and insightful. Chris is truly like a light in the darkness. Thank you for your compassion and help, Chris. It was a pleasure speaking to you for the second time.

    Lots of love and blessings to you and your family and of course never forgetting Silvya. So much love to her and you both….

  84. Christine Paschen (verified owner)

    I had a reading with Chris and was blown away that he seemed to know me as well as I know myself. I was able to take my time and Chris answered every question I had. If you are on the fence about getting a reading you should take the leap!

  85. Mary jo

    I have had 3 readings from Chris and question answered! So I’m a huge fan ! Plus I’m
    Psychic 58 years just can’t read myself ! Chris is awesome as always I do recommend Chris ! Take the offer )

  86. Glenn teza

    Regular client since 1980

  87. Carol lynn (verified owner)

    Some times you just need a hand. After lots of family deaths and cancer I had some questions. Chris to the rescue. Spot on and not what I expected he seemed to know me . He offered guidance ,hope and kindness . The reading was a big help . Highly recommend . You’ll be happy and surprised. Just try it. Gave to some friends and all agree. 🌈

  88. Brian Ferguson (verified owner)

    Chris is very direct and caring, I never talked to Chris before and when the reading started it was if he knew me a life time and was sitting beside me

  89. Val

    Chris is absolutely amazing! He is truly a gifted psychic and medical intuitive. He was on point with information before I could ask him a question. I had all my questions answered and then some. I left my reading feeling so upbeat and complete! Chris takes his time and makes sure your reading is pleasant and everything you need answered . I can’t say enough positive things about Chris. All I know is I will be scheduling another reading in the near future. Chris you and your mom are truly amazing souls!!

  90. Jason W

    What a great reading I had with Chris! So many things he told me were spot on. He provided alot of messages and advice that were very helpful. I have had some serious health issues and the messages he gave me put me at ease that I will heal. He definitely seems to care about his clients and enjoys helping people. I would love to have another reading with Chris!

  91. Raquel C (verified owner)

    My readings with Chris are priceless. The information he gives me has helped me far beyond what words can describe. Words just never seem like enough , the gratitude I have in my heart for the work he does is never ending. I’m always learning new things from him and finding out information thats helped me in my most challenging obstacles. Him and his mom are just amazing talented people!!!! I encourage everyone to have a reading with him , your life will be forever changed if you are open!

  92. NayNay (verified owner)

    I’m going to need a second job after my reading because I’ll want many, many more with Chris. Not only was he spot on, he knew things about my health that not even my parents or significant other knows. Super insightful, kind, and I left feeling so uplifted. That’s not to say all news is good news, he is honest and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Will definitely be coming back for more.

  93. Jennifer Weusthoff (verified owner)

    Thank you Chris for such an uplifting experience. It was mind blowing to hear how much was ‘spot-on’. It gave me a lot of comfort and peace of mind to have that conversation!

  94. Fraser (verified owner)

    I am in awe at the sheer insight with which Chris delivers the information. His easy style and pace has always made me feel comfortable.
    It still begs the question….just how does he do it? Simply amazing!!

  95. Sherri Morgan (verified owner)

    Chris is wonderful. I have been getting readings with him yearly for many years. He always explains everything and helps me to understand my chart. He always has the right answers. Everything we have talked about has come true. I will always trust what he tells me and I look forward to talking with him very soon. Everyone should get a reading done with Chris. Thank you Chris for always being there to help me. With out Chris’ help I would never have made it through the last 10 years.

  96. Steven Gutierrez (verified owner)

    My first reading with Chris was in 2006. As time passed, his reading turned out to be more and more accurate. He described my future wife down to her eyes and personality. I referred a relative in need and his advice was again spot on. Chris makes everyone feel at home as though you are talking to an old friend who knows you too well. I was looking for a guide when my family advisor passed away. Before she passed she said “seek and you shall find” I did and I did. Thanks Chris.

  97. Kate Hanzalik (verified owner)

    I was introduced to Chris Dufresne in Sylvia Browne’s various writings and videos. In her book, If You Could See What I See, she talked about how Chris always fed three cats who would show up at his doorstep. “Why,” someone wanted to know. “Because they’re hungry,” he said. Sylvia said his mentality is “If there’s a need, fill it.” I found that to be true during my reading. I asked random questions and he answered them, in a knowledgeable, humble, and nice way. I listen to his readings on youtube too. Any question, however minor or major, he answers with an open mind and heart. That’s awesome. We need more people like Chris in the world today.

  98. Belinda Colwell (verified owner)

    I cannot express how grateful I am for the help Chris has given me. Not everything he has told me has been what I wanted to hear, but he not only relayed what he saw, he offered me options and advice, and I truly felt that he cared.

  99. Carla Pahs (verified owner)

    I was nervous of course when Chris called but his tone of his voice was calming.What I am going through life he kept reassuring me that he is there for me.He gave me comfort..Thank You Chris😘

  100. Minister Dilsworth (verified owner)

    I will always be grateful for Chris being there for me. Whenever someone reaches out to me for advice and I cannot help, I send them Chris’s contact information. God Bless him and his staff. Prayers are being sent to keep them all safe.

  101. Joanne Moore

    Sylvia Brownes books are my favorite.

  102. Anita Polk

    I love Chris and his Mom

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