Chris Dufresne

Animal Totems Pt.5

Hello everyone, I wanted to share some animal totems that have been sent in as questions! Did you know Animal totems can shift in life as we go through changes and growth?

The Otter
Otter animal totems are incredibly happy individuals who are receptive and aware of their emotions. These totem bearers want very much to make other people smile, sharing love and positivity is their greatest joy. Otter’s seek knowledge are highly curious individuals.

Some careers these totem bearers excel at are education, therapists, social work, and personal trainers.

The Beaver
The beaver animal totem bearers are incredibly productive individuals who strive to achieve all of their goals. They seek to use their imagination with creative endeavors. They enjoy working in team environments. Beavers do will in careers such as first responders, social workers, writers, and political careers.

The Duck
People with Duck totem have a strong sense of community. they are very social people. People with Duck totem prefer being in places where they feel comfortable. People with this spirit animal are also carefully conventional and tend to go along with things as they are. Therefore they often follow careers asp, therapists and social workers.

The Flamingo
Flamingo animal totems desire to focus on their careers and financial success. They are incredibly optimistic individuals with a desire to have strong social connections. Flamingos are frequently in careers such as banking, politicians, and journalists.

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