Chris Dufresne

Taking Back Your Life


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14 replies on “Taking Back Your Life”

This is such an inspiring piece of writing! Thank you so much Cayla and Chris for sharing this post!

I’ll have to give Zumba a try! This year has been a discouraging one. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you Cayla! For taking the time to spread the positive vibes! I’m excited to try Zumba! And the advice is great!

Thank you so much for your support! I highly recommend those two YouTube Zumba Channels! -Cayla

I’ve been trying to implement these changes in my life daily.I’m glad you put this post up to remind people to take better care of themselves.
Respectfully submitted,
Audrea Lambert😊🌷👍

I’ll check it out. My energy level fluctuates. I may start AFTER all this is over and I finally get to my new place hopefully with amazing sunsets. Thank you 😊

I have been wondering about Zumba for myself for getting stronger and better health wise, but I’m not sure of some things because I have Fibromyalgia and Arthritis, chronic fatigue and pain. Thank you for your time and for the information on it. I will definitely look into this. Have a Blessed day sweetie 🙏💜💞🙏.

Hi Kelly, what I love about Zumba is it has so many different levels as well as there are different areas of focus. Aerobics, abdominals, straight cardio as well as endurance and flexibility. My friend has arthritis and is able to do Zumba as well as modified yoga.

Good luck with your move and thank you for always being so supportive! Have a blessed day! -Cayla

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