Dream Analysis

Dreams influence everything from our memories to our health,  well- being and relationships.
We can make positive changes by heeding the messages contained in our dreams.

Dreams, which are just one more dimension of our minds, a dimension that, when put into perspective, gives access to a whole new wealth of knowledge. The subconscious mind that takes charge while we sleep is where our passive memories are held and where the key lies to the records of all of our lives and every life we’ve ever lived on earth and on the other side. Dreams form a path to that key. That key unlocks the door to an eternity of wisdom. The more wisdom we acquire, the more understandable, useful and affirming our dreams become.

       -Explore and unlock what your dreams may reveal-

The Meanings of Dream Symbols

Psychic Chris Dufresne can help you discern the information from your dream through the symbolism of your subconscious . Dreams don’t present themselves with literal meanings, but instead present with symbols. The meanings of these symbols are different for each person. Unless, of course, they are astral projection dreams or precognitive dreams.
Dream Analysis is a great way for people to understand what their dreams are actually communicating.  Dream analysis is a great tool to help us understand our subconscious and help us reconnect to be our true selves. That in turn can help us grow spiritually.

Types of Dreams

“There are universal symbols but you can’t use symbols in a cookie cutter fashion, symbols are not the same for all.

The first thing in Dream Analysis is to determine the kind of dream;

  • Astral Projection Dream-(reunion while sleeping)
    While we sleep there’s no limit to what we can learn about ourselves, our world and even the future. No limit to where we can travel, from the far reaches of the universe to the intimate closeness of the other side. There are few things we cherish more than the reunions we’re blessed with in those lovely hours when our conscious minds are resting and our spirits, alive and thriving in our subconscious minds, are set free to touch those other spirits, other places, and other times they’re yearning for.
  • Precognitive Dream-
    Witnessing the future during sleep. Could be considered a psychic dream of a future occurrence.

    Every precognitive dream has two qualities in common. First, they’re always in color, never black and white. And second, the action in the dream takes place in sequence, with one event leading to another, which leads to another, in some kind of logical order.
  • Release Dream-
    Usually the most confusing, chaotic, preposterous and disturbing dreams we experience. Many experience recurring nightmares. However, they are the most necessary dreams, because it’s through our release dreams that we dispose of the everyday mental and emotional garbage we collect. Nightmares that can stay with us for a very long time, since fear is a strong emotion and hard to shake. But, without release dreams, including nightmares, we’d all be either chronically stressed out or completely psychotic, so they are more than worth the discomfort they often put us through.
  • Wish Dream-
    Wish dreams are exactly what they sound like: wonderful reflections of what we want, or at least what we think we want, and we usually wake up from them with a smile and a certain sense of satisfaction. Just as our subconscious minds act out our fears, guilt, regrets and confusion in our dreams, they also act out in our wishes.

When interpreting a message or release dream, we use a simple technique of replacing the symbols with a Gestalten type of meaning from the dreamer. This is done by asking the dreamer questions to determine their meaning of the symbols.

With some intuitive, creative thinking the story of the dream is retold with the dreamer’s meanings replacing the symbols to interpret the message of the dream.

Then Chris validates and counsels the client. It’s a lot of fun and clients are amazed how accurate, useful and empowering the messages are.