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1 Hour Authentic Full Life Phone Reading

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For those seeking extended time with Chris, the 1 Hour Reading would be the best option. Similar to the full life reading, you can also discuss all areas of your life including but not limited to health, career, finances, family, personal relationships, spiritual and social. When selecting appointment time, please keep in mind whichever time selected will be CALIFORNIA TIME. When Booking, Please allow a 2 HOUR CALL WINDOW for Chris to initially contact you.

Some client calls are extremely sensitive in nature, for this reason Chris allows for a 2 hour window. Often times, Chris will take a few moments after a call  just to decompress, and allow himself to recharge for the next important client call. We appreciate your understanding and patience!  

If you prefer to pay with a credit card, as opposed to PayPal, please note that you have that option once you click the PayPal button.

10 reviews for 1 Hour Authentic Full Life Phone Reading

  1. Wanda Denny

    The reading with Chris was the best out of 50 years of interacting with psychics. He is very personable and professional and accurate. Chris is the real deal.

  2. Rosy Bergman

    Easy simple to the point reading! I have had two readings, both are recorded.
    Both readings have been accurate to the T.
    I mean positive scary accurate.
    Investing in my readings were worth it.
    I got my second reading because I was facing emotional uncertainties. Where my faith went down hill. Again his reading was accurate.
    The time frame. A season and half for what he shared with me about my situations.
    Just Sharing if that helps.
    It’s always okay to go back, if you face a challenge that feels like the end of the world, or you feel you need that assistance.

  3. Sherri Silva Garcia (verified owner)

    This was my first reading ever in my life and am so happy it was with Chris. He explained things and hit everything right on the head. Chris you a blessing to all of us. Thank you for answering all my questions and being so kind. If you want a reading and are sceptical don’t be. A reading with Chris is the best thing I ever did and will do again. Thank you Chris 😊. God bless you, your family and friends 🙏🦋🌻🦋

  4. Amy Beacome (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed my reading with Chris I will be a returning customer.

  5. Jeannie England (verified owner)

    Chris is the best psychic I’ve ever had a reading with. I enjoyed it so much!!! It was like talking to an old friend or family member. He’s funny, witty and very kind. I had a ton of questions and he answered them with great detail and gave me so much information. I’m glad I recorded it. But he takes his time and doesn’t hang up until you are done with the questions which no one I’ve ever had a reading in the past did. I highly recommend Chris if you want answers in your life! God bless you Chris.

  6. Tina (verified owner)

    Had my first reading with Chris and it was awesome!!! Thank you for telling me what I needed to hear and not what I wanted to hear. The flow of the information was on point. Could not ask for a better reading and would recommend Chris to anyone asking!! I’ve been getting readings for 45 years and this was the most rewarding. Again thank you Chris!! and if you do get an RV and come through Stafford, VA – remember – I have 2 RV hook-ups on my property (away from the City) lol!!!

  7. Carrie Naylor

    Chris is rad!!! I had such a blast speaking with him. He gave me insight on many things that I really needed to understand so I can help better my life. It was fun to also get to know him a bit too. Chris is super down to earth, takes his time and cracks me up! I really appreciated our reading and look forward to more in the future. Thank you!!

  8. Sandy Kochevar

    Talking with Chris was like talking to one of the family. He is so funny and made me feel very comfortable. He gave me many perspectives about things in my life. He also didn’t rush through or make me feel like I had to hurry. I know I will talk with him again and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. He is…”The Real Deal,” as they say!

  9. mel smith (verified owner)

    Sometimes the “unconventional” is needed in a “conventual” world. After the loss of my mother I was having serious problems emotionally. Nothing worked or helped. Talking to friends who’d had similar experiences losing loved ones, grief counseling. Not even Superman could have stopped this train I was riding from wrecking. But Chris did. His calm voice and amazing way to connect with me and my difficulties was truly astonishing. What he spoke about was dead on. His advice correct. And the guidance he gave saved my life I believe. I look forward to talking with Chris again in the future and seeing what’s next for me to learn and grow from.

  10. Thi-Anna Hunter (verified owner)

    I have thought about doing a psychic reading for many years but was very hesitant because I never felt like I found the right person to do so. After becoming a YouTube member on Chris’ Psychic Awareness channel, I knew I wanted to do a reading with him.

    I wasn’t sure what to expect but Chris goes over everything at the beginning of the call and makes it as comfortable as possible. He was very comforting and down to earth and answered all my questions (which was a lot). It was also nice to hear about his life growing up with his gift.

    I loved every minute of the call and wish I had more time to just pick his brain. He explained my life chart perfectly and made me want to learn and grow even more that my husband just booked a reading for himself next week!

    He is a true blessing and inspiration to anyone that gets the chance to just speak with him. I highly recommend a reading with him because you will gain such an understanding that you may not have had before. God bless you Chris and to the whole Sylvia Browne Group!

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