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Have you encountered trials and difficulties and need help in the form of advice and immediate answers from a trusted psychic? 

Now is your chance to ask world-renowned psychic Chris Dufresne the few questions that have been on your mind without having to commit to the cost of a full length psychic reading. During these 15 minute “Mini Readings” you and Chris will talk on the phone, Chris will listen to your question(s) and provide advice or answers. In order for Chris to offer this exclusive service, we ask that you have your question(s) ready so that your question(s) can be addressed within the 15 minutes or less time frame.

Click play for a message from Chris about what a 15 minute reading includes.

Keep in mind that these are 15 minute mini phone call readings and are not meant to replace a full-length reading covering all major aspects of your life such as health, finances, relationships, career or job pursuits, family, and spiritual areas. If you believe a 15 minute phone call with Chris is not long enough to get the answers you need, we encourage you to book one of our 30 minute or 1 hour reading options. Mini readings are a modified service to cover a few important issues that require immediate answers only. Mini readings last a maximum of 15 minutes by phone. By limiting these mini readings to 15 minutes we’re able to provide this service at only $99.00, which is less than half of a full length psychic reading.

Some client calls are extremely sensitive in nature, Often times, Chris will take a few moments after a call  just to decompress, and allow himself to recharge for the next important client call. There might be a slight delay in time to call his next client. We appreciate your understanding and patience!  

Chris is consistently striving to find a more expedient way to personally assist those individuals who seek psychic help and provide answers to all those in need. These 15 minute psychic readings will fill up fast so be sure to book your 15 minute reading now, before the time slots fill up.

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42 reviews for 15 Minute Mini Psychic Reading

  1. Robyn (verified owner)

    Chris is amazing!! His guidance has helped me navigate the direction of my life for many years!! He has helped me stay healthy physically and mentally.

  2. officeadmin (verified owner)

    I originally started talking to Sylvia
    she suggested that I start talking to Chris because it was more in my price range.
    She promised me that he was just as good as she was. I have to say now she was Absolutely 100% correct ,laugh out loud
    I’ve been talking to Chris for about 40 years .
    I believe he knows me better than I know myself.
    He is absolutely Amazing. When I hear his voice he makes me feel so comfortable as if I am home, it’s a warm and fuzzy feeling.
    I think he’s so great ,that I’ve given a few gift certificates out as gifts,
    for people that I think would benefit from his great service .I know I’ve never met Chris in person and yet I feel as if he’s my best friend . When ever I have needed him he has always been available. I can’t thank him enough for putting me on the right road when I have felt lost. Someday I plan on meeting him in person . He is phenomenal.
    Sending all my love With warmest regards.
    Shell B

  3. ROBIN POWELL-FERGUSON (verified owner)

    When I need that extra reassurance I’m making the right decision I go to Chris. He keeps me grounded.

  4. Reeta (verified owner)

    Chris gave me comfort in knowing I am on the right path.
    Help with families problems and so much more.

    I am so grateful to have been able to connect with him.

    God Bless you Chris . You are doing so much good in the world.

  5. Marilyn R Fisher (verified owner)

    you are all soo professional and accommodating and wonderful.
    Chris is so personable and comforting and FABULOUS!!!!!!
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Barbara (verified owner)

    I live in the Caribbean and I have been using Chirs for the past four years and he is ALWAYS SPOT ON ! He has the ability to forecast years ahead and the readings are so accurate it is unbelievable. Long life and Blessings Chris ! You’re the Best !

  7. Carol Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Chris has helped me find direction and reset my life goals several times. I trust him completely. He is as blessed as his beautiful mother. His insight is beyond measure. I even learned my spirit guides name! ❤️

  8. Psychic Xena

    Since I can’t read myself because I’m psychic as well, Chris has helped me to navigate some really rough patches in my life. I highly recommend him. I’m also a big fan of his mom.

  9. Felix

    Chris is a solidly reliable psychic for whom I have high respect, and has always delivered valuable insights and enlightening perspectives for me over many readings, that has translated to very tangible results in my life.

  10. Carole (verified owner)

    Chris is always right on with his advice and has helped me several times.

  11. Steven M. Gutierrez (verified owner)

    Chris is the “REAL DEAL” ! I have been a client for almost 14 years. My wife for almost 9. I have referred family and friends. He has been a life saver.

  12. Leslie Newsom

    I’m lost for words… Chris has been a rock throughout my hard times in life. He has absolutely shocked me with his knowledge. This man has been there for me in my times of weakness and heartache…..bringing comfort faith and a sense of relief. I respect him and recommend him to everyone….. he’s a beautiful person inside and out. I’m blessed to call him a friend.

  13. Jean Kathleen coats (verified owner)

    Marvelous. Chris is so down to earth easy to talk to. Put me right at ease instantly.
    No question was hard for him to answer. He gave me tons of information. Said things that l had never brought up. He was excellent.
    I enjoyed every minute of the reading.
    Thank you Chris
    God Bless

  14. Denise Berry (verified owner)

    Chris always gives a wonderful reading, packed with detailed information! He is so casual and easy to talk to and invites you right into the conversation. I will have many more readings with Chris because his knowledge brings joy and healing to situations that are troubling me. In short… I trust Chris.

  15. J. Stone

    This was my second reading with Chris and I actually had a question answered on a Facebook live as well.
    So far, Chris has always been able to give me a gentle push in the direction that I knew I already needed. His gentle nature is wonderful, but his sense of humor and stern way of getting his point across is needed sometimes. Health reading, he told me I needed Iron and that changed so many things for me daily. My 2nd call he said I needed vitamin D and wow, the doctor told me the same a week later.
    Assistance with my decisions on care for my elderly parents has helped me give them freedom as well as feel good about my steps forward.
    Love watching Facebook lives, my question was simple but life changing. He told me to be patient and just watch. Sure as can be, that was the best thing, I took a breath, waited and the outcome was much more than I could have expected.

    Thank you Chris for always being there for me and giving me a little shove when I need it. You are truly appreciated.
    Your mom raised such a wonderful man. Thank you Sylvia for being such a good mom
    J. Stone

  16. Kathy Coats (verified owner)

    Chris was wonderful. Made me feel right at ease. I was able to get my questions answered and I love it all.
    He is very down to earth and you can tell he is truthful. I had the honor of meeting his mother once, he is the same image as his mom. Very sweet, very caring and very understanding. I felt so much better after talking to him and although I was a bit scared to do so, I found myself feeling like I was talking to an old friend. Thank you Chris and Love and Light to you GOD Bless

  17. Gina Abate (verified owner)

    Not only did Chris get it all in during a 15 minute reading, but He overextended himself in a most genuinely interested and helpful manner. He gave me hope, something that is invaluable…Thanks Chris…let’s continue the journey, as I recently received my Novitiate as well from Novus Spiritus and I couldn’t be prouder of any other accomplishment side from having my.son
    Peace, Love and Light,
    Gina Abate

  18. David Hibert (verified owner)

    Chris is an excellent reader! Really accommodating, and easy to talk too. I highly recommend him!!

  19. Lori (verified owner)

    Chris is extremely insightful, and sensitive to my concerns. I have reached out multiple times throughout the years, and his help has been greatly appreciated. I am happy that he has many options and availability offered. I recommend him to my loved ones .

  20. Shell baker (verified owner)

    What can i say about this
    “fantastic man”
    I love him !
    he’s my go to person ,when I’m sad scared, lonely, stuck ,sick or even excited!

  21. Anthony Erato (verified owner)

    I have had multiple readings by Chris. He puts me at ease and answers all my questions. I’m always left feeling at peace after talking to him. Thank you Chris.

  22. April Hanley (verified owner)

    About 30 years ago Chris did a reading for me. It was very accurate. Now he did another reading for me and I am pleased with the help he gave me. I will be calling him again if I need more information… He was very nice as usual, and I trust him.

  23. Hope G. (verified owner)

    I have had a few readings with Chris. He is very accurate and takes the time to make sure I understand the reading. He is so caring that I have booked readings for my daughter so her mind can be put to ease on things that have come up for her. Thank you, Chris!

  24. Leanne (verified owner)

    Hi! So I have had around 3-4 readings with Chris and he is so bang on it’s crazy. I tell everyone about him and give out his website address to everyone interested. He has been so helpful with helping me and now I just need to continue to listen to him which I have been doing 🤗 and it will all fall into place. I am forever grateful for Chris and his beautiful gift. Thank you Chris. And you know I’ll be getting more readings cause I just love it.

    Leanne ☺️🙏🏼🤗

  25. Carrie W (verified owner)

    Simply said great call! My call with Chris was great, he addressed all my questions and made sure i understood what he was saying. Made sure he let me know what all he was getting. Thank you so much

  26. Jerry D Trujillo (verified owner)

    My reading was great, I had my questions written down before we began.
    After the first question, I knew that it would be great. He answered all my questions with time to spare. He is direct and tries to explain his answers clearly. He is never rushing and very good at what He does. It is nott confusing at all. I suggest that you all give it a try, at least once to get your fears and anxities taken care of. God Bless you all.

  27. Kat (verified owner)

    It gave me so much hope and I am so glad I did this. Chris was able to calm my fears and anxiety I appreciate it so much!

  28. Linda Reyes (verified owner)

    Talking to Chris bring’s comfort to my soul. When I talk to him I get instant energetic feeling of happiness and peace, and confidence. The loss of a loved one hurts so much, Chris comforts you and helps you with your grieving. I will always call him throughout my life, there’s so much more I want to know especially about my past lives .We have a blessing from God for sure with him and his mom Sylvia. Thank you so much Chris much love and respect.

  29. Ashley Sorenson (verified owner)

    I’ve had a few psychic readings with Chris over skype and the phone over the past three years. He’s brought clarity, answers, and motivation when I needed it most. He is straightforward and genuine. I would recommend Chris to anyone.

  30. Dalton G. (verified owner)

    Speaking with Chris is having a conversation with a friend who loves, supports, and coaches you. I really appreciate his sensitivity and for telling that he was proud. I have lost count of the readings over the past 15 years and I return for a reason. Thank you.

  31. Sherry Hand (verified owner)

    This is the first reading I’ve had with Chris. I had my questions ready and he answered all with much insight. Speaking to him brought me comfort. I did not ask detailed questions yet he filled in the details. I was surprised as to how much ground was covered in 15 minutes. He is a kind, caring individual. This was apparent from the beginning of our conversation. It did feel a bit like “rapid firing” of questions on my part so I would love to have a longer reading in future

  32. Kellie Borst (verified owner)

    Chris has been my psychic for years. My reading was wonderful and he is so honest and gives me great advice. He even answers the questions before I ask him. He keeps me grounded.

  33. Angela (verified owner)

    After my 15 minute reading with Chris, I feel confident that I am on the right path and everything will ultimately be “okay”. It was very insightful and he amazes me with his accuracy. Thank you, Chris!

  34. Teale Rohatinsky (verified owner)

    I am so thankful for Chris! I feel like I would be so lost in life if I didnt have his guidance and knowledge to help me through. He is so accurate, and knows me better than I know myself I think. 😄 I had a reading yesterday, and he is such a joy to talk to! I was nervous before he called, but as soon as I heard his voice, I felt so comfortable. He was so happy and just so much fun to talk to. So glad he is there when I need him. So very grateful for you Chris! ❤

  35. Karen (verified owner)

    I had a life reading with Chris several years ago and he was on point with everything so when I really needed some answers about a current situation, I had a 15 minute reading. Once again, he answered my questions and put my mind at ease. This was invaluable to me. I am so grateful he’s there. As he says, he’s only a phone call away.

  36. Cyril Jenkins (verified owner)

    My first reading with Chris was an amazing experience. He made me feel comfortable. He has a very beautiful energy about him and I can see myself doing readings with him in the near future. I really enjoy my experience.

  37. Dianne (verified owner)

    My reading with Chris was very comforting. I was very stressed about my job situation and changing jobs. He was reassuring that I was making a good decision. He said something that didn’t make sense to me and then a couple of days later what he said was true and revealed itself. Pretty neat. I am very grateful for Chris. He took a weight of anxiety off of me. He is very compassionate and just an amazing person. I’m very grateful.

  38. Name vaudwan handley (verified owner)

    As always Chris is fabulous very accurate. He’s never wrong and just all around great guy!

  39. Name vaudwan handley (verified owner)

    As always Chris is very accurate and an overall great man!

  40. Jean Livingston (verified owner)

    Definitely a wonderful, worthwhile, informative reading. All my questions were answered and then some.

  41. Erin (verified owner)

    Chris is talented and insightful. 15 minutes allows just enough time to ask a key question or two that helps bring hope, perspective, and direction. I’ve done this twice so far. Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  42. Caroline Spence (verified owner)

    I have had several readings from Chris over the years. He has been able to help me with my questions and guide me in the right direction. Thank you

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