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Sylvia Browne Astrological Birth Chart

Psychic Sylvia Browne's Astrological Birth Chart

Sun in Libra: 

Having a Sun in Libra means that you have a strong moral compass for right and wrong. They don’t get tied down in singular views and instead focus on the big picture. You will always speak your mind.

Moon in Sagittarius:

Having a Moon in Sagittarius means that while a sensitive sign, you have a tendency to hide behind a large emotional wall. You seek safety through having a conservative approach to your personal life. Instead of large social circles you will find comfort in a few close relationships.

Rising sign in Sagittarius:

Having a Rising sign in Sagittarius means that you come across as extremely approachable with a charismatic approach to conversation. Also, you present as independent and strong willed to all that meet you. Additionally, people will flock to you for your glowing positivity.

Mercury in Libra:

Having Mercury in Libra means that you have a balanced style to your communication. Often times you are the mediator in conversations. Also, these individuals seek to understands both sides. Very rarely are you judgmental.

Jupiter in Sagittarius: 

Having Jupiter in Sagittarius means you have a philosophical approach to your thoughts. You seek to expand on knowledge and understand why and how things work. You will seek to share your beliefs with those surrounding you.

Venus in Scorpio:

Having Venus in Scorpio means that while being extremely passionate in relationships, jealousy and explosive arguments can occur when the relationship becomes unbalanced. Often times this means you will have multiple serious relationships throughout your life and will find your partner in a twin flame instead.

Saturn in Pisces:

Having a Saturn in Pisces means you set high expectations for yourself, making a list of rules and taking on larger amounts of responsibility. You struggle to let go of the reins. While you don’t like to live life by routine, you desire to have a schedule and a time attached to most appointments.

Uranus in Taurus:

Having Uranus in Taurus means you rebel against set rules and regulations. Breaking the typical norm of day to day expectations. You seek to break the everyday traditions of the simple life and the 9-5 career.

Neptune in Virgo: 

Having Neptune in Virgo means you find inspiration behind your hard work. It often times means your work becomes your passion. Your career often fuels your daily joy and you’ll find yourself becoming balanced when your goals are achieved.

Pluto in Cancer:

Having Pluto in Cancer means you are a sentimental individual. Your mind collects keepsakes from travels and are interested in capturing the many beautiful moments in your life. The material world is not what concerns you, as a gift from the heart or a kind gesture is valued much higher.

Additionally, having a Birth Chart Reading will help you  better understand how your Life Theme and Spiritual Journey. To learn more about Astrology visit us on out Astrological YouTube series.


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